The Warm Up Exercise…

As with any type of exercise, a proper warm up before exercising your penis is extremely important. The warm up increases blood flow to the penis and ensures that the tissues and ligaments within the penile shaft are supple enough to fully cope with the stresses of the following exercise routine.

If you use a weight training session as a comparison – you would never perform a heavy 6-8 rep set of bench presses without having first performed a couple of high repetition light sets. Doing so would put your ‘unprepared’ muscles at risk of injury, you’d get less benefit out of the workout and you’d feeling very sore the following day – all of which would significantly hinder your progress.

Your penis, like your muscles, likes to be gradually acclimatised to exercise and needs to be fully prepared before you start your workout routine.

Fortunately, warming up the penis prior to your workout session is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take a great deal of effort.

The Hot Towel / Flannel Warm Up Method

The easiest and most popular way of warming up the penis and getting the blood flowing is to simply use a wet, warm face cloth or small towel.

Soak the cloth in hot (but not scalding) water, wring through and then wrap around both your testicles and penis – ensuring that both are fully covered. When you first apply the cloth, you may feel slight discomfort from the heat but this subsides very quickly.

Remember though that you’re just trying to warm your penis up, you’re not trying to give yourself third degree burns. So check that the heat of the towel is within comfortable limits before applying.

You should keep the cloth wrapped around your penis for 1 – 2 minutes. Then remove the cloth, soak it in hot water again and repeat the procedure for another 1 – 2 minutes.

Usually, two applications are enough to get the blood properly flowing and the penis fully ready for exercise. However, you should continue reapplying the cloth for as long as it takes for your penis to feel warm, engorged with blood and ready for the workout ahead of it.

Signs that you’ve warmed your penis up sufficiently include:

  • Your penis (which should still be flaccid) will look larger – as if you’ve just got out of a hot bath.
  • Your penile veins will be more prominent.
  • Your penis will feel suppler if you give it a good stretch.

Once you have warmed up using the hot cloth technique, you can start your penis enlargement exercise routine confident that you’ll have a productive and safe workout.

The Warm Up In a Nut Shell

  • Find a small towel or face cloth
  • Soak the cloth in hot (but not boiling) water
  • Wring out
  • Wrap the cloth completely around both your penis and testicles
  • Hold in place for about one minute
  • Remove the cloth and repeat the above procedure another 1 – 2 times.

Next: An introduction to penis stretching exercises.

Important: Please remember that the purpose of this free guide is to give you a basic introduction to penile exercise techniques. It will help you to understand the principles involved and should help you to decide whether or not you’ll be inclined to stick to this type of exercise regime. BUT it is purely intended as a beginner’s guide.

You can use the exercises detailed on the next few pages to ‘prime’ your penis for the demands of a more intensive exercise course – but such use should be limited to 2 – 3 weeks at most.

To advance as quickly as possible, I would strongly recommend investing in an intensive exercise program that clearly details how to maximize progress through the use of more advanced exercises and high intensity workouts. The small investment will certainly pay for itself in terms of saving you time and effort; and will help you to achieve your goal of a permanently bigger penis in an efficient, well structured and methodical way.

You can learn more about the penis exercise guides I personally recommend here.

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