The Truth About Penis Enlargement

Young blonde woman suggestively holding her hand to her mouth looking shocked.

No…really…you can make it grow that much?

You’ve probably come across a lot of contradictory information about how you can enlarge your penis. As you’ll have seen, the number of different products offered online is staggering as are the number of websites claiming to offer a simple, effective solution.

Most sites on the subject unfortunately offer you nothing more than cynical sales pitches in a desperate attempt to get you to part with your cash. How many times have you read, “Gain up to 3 inches in two weeks with our amazing pill”? As you’ve probably guessed already, these sites really aren’t giving you the whole truth about penis enlargement!

If all this has left you sceptical as to whether it’s really possible to increase the size of your penis I’m not surprised. With so much misinformation propagated online, finding out the truth about penis enlargement can be far from an easy task.

The first rule to follow is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Although it is indeed possible to increase penile size through non-surgical methods, I’m afraid to say it’s not something that can be accomplished simply by popping a couple of pills a day and equally, it’s not something that can be achieved over night. Developing a bigger penis through natural methods will take a degree of both time and effort – and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

To discover the truth about penis enlargement you have to look behind the sales pitches and instead, rely on good old fashioned hard evidence. And yes…there are a few clinical studies that have proved that it is possible to increase penile size through alternative, non-surgical techniques.

Both penile exercise techniques and penile traction devices have shown promising clinical results. When used methodically and consistently over several months, medical studies report that both techniques can add between 1 and 2 inches to erect penis length and well over an inch in penis girth. In other words, for the average man sporting a six inch penis, either technique has the potential to permanently increase penile size by an extremely noticeable 30 percent. Get a tape measure out, hold it against your erect penis and see what a difference 1 – 2 inches would make – it doesn’t sound like a lot but in reality it really would transform the appearance of your penis.

To learn the real truth about penis enlargement take a look at my article How to Increase Penis Size Naturally. Here you’ll find an overview of the clinical studies that have been conducted into both penile exercise techniques and traction devices. If you decide to use either of these methods, of course be prepared to invest some time and effort. If you are prepared to do so, you won’t be buying into the sales pitches or false promises, but will be making positive steps towards reaping the life changing benefits of having a bigger penis.

The truth about penis enlargement is out there – and as you’ll see it’s not all hype.

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