Penis Enlargement Pumps

A penis enlargement pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis. As the vacuum increases – that is, air is pumped out of the cylinder surrounding the penis – the resulting negative pressure draws blood into the erectile chambers, engorging the penile shaft to its maximum capacity.

Thanks to the elasticity of the penile tissues, there’s naturally some room for expansion; just as there is with an over-inflated tyre.

Just like pumping the tyre beyond its maximum recommended PSI, pump the little man up and yes, he’ll start bulging at the seems… He’ll look markedly bigger, and during the pumping session he’ll feel as hard as rock too.

The problem is however, that just like a tyre, there’s also a finite limit to how much expansion can take place.

Pump too hard and you can literally experience the penile equivalent of a ‘blow-out’ – rupturing either a penile artery or the sheath of tissue covering the erectile chambers (called the tunica albuginea). More about these potential problems below.

The idea behind penis pumping is of course, very similar to penis enlargement exercises – both methods attempt to stretch and expand the erectile tissue so that the penis is naturally capable of holding more blood.

Superficially, pumping might even seem like a credible alternative to the more labour intensive practice of penile exercise.

In reality though, the results produced and the level of risk involved are quite different.

What You Can Expect

One positive thing to say about penis pumps is that they definitely enlarge your penis temporarily.

It’s also true to say that as your penis adapts to regular pumping over several months and years, it’s possible to temporarily pump up larger and larger.

But more than that, there’s a great deal of debate over the permanence of the gains in penile size that can be achieved through pumping.

The majority of veteran pumpers state that even after several years of regular pumping, they still make no permanent gains. Once removed from the cylinder, the penis quickly reverts back to its original size, usually within a couple of hours.

A few men however, do claim to have made permanent gains in penis size. But even for these lucky few, they state that it takes well over a year of regular pumping just to gain an extra inch or so.

Why Pumps Produce Little Permanent Gains

The reason pumping promotes much slower gains than penile exercise is probably due to its effect on blood circulation. Whereas penile exercise actively improves blood flow to the penis and ensures healthy tissue growth, the use of a penis pump does exactly the opposite.

That’s because during a pumping session, the vacuum pressure cuts off blood circulation to the penis. And without a continuous flow of fresh oxygenated blood, the penile tissues slowly starve of oxygen.

In the long term, frequent bouts of prolonged pumping are therefore, more likely to result in permanent nerve and tissue damage, as opposed to permanent penile growth.

It’s for this reason – to prevent the penile tissues from being starved of oxygen – that you should only pump for relatively short periods of time per session – no more than 10 – 15 minutes.

But penis pumps not only cut off circulation during use, they also have no effect on improving and boosting the normal flow of blood to the penis. Again, a strong, healthy supply of blood is absolutely vital for both overall penile health and tissue growth.

Risk of Injury

Because penis pumps promote slow (if any) gains, many men make the mistake of applying too much pressure or pump for too long in an attempt to speed up gains.

Over pumping in this way commonly results in ruptured capillaries and blood vessels just beneath the skin, causing large bruises to appear on the penile shaft.

In severe cases, the pressure build up from the use of a penis pump can be so extreme that men actually end up rupturing one of the delicate penile arteries that supply the penile shaft with blood; or alternatively split the tunica albuginea – the ‘tyre wall’ that contains the erectile chambers and provides rigidity to the penis during erection.

What happens then?

Well, such severe internal trauma can lead to conditions such as Peyronie’s Disease (resulting in permanent disfigurement) or impotence. In both cases, surgical intervention is the only potential solution for correcting such damage.

More frequent, but less serious side effects of over pumping include blisters and slight discoloration to the skin. Over pumping can also result in fewer, softer erections which are difficult to maintain for any length of time – again, this is probably due to the negative effect pumping has on blood circulation to the penis.

To avoid the risks of over pumping, it’s vitally important to only use low level vacuum pressures, and to carefully monitor the pressure you’re using through the use of a device with an accurate and reliable pressure gauge.

So to sum up, penis pumping can lead to the following issues:

  • Lymph blisters on the penile skin. These can be particularly painful and slow to heal if they occur on the penile head.
  • Superficial bruising to the penile shaft.
  • A general darkening of the penile skin caused by reduced blood flow.
  • Reduced blood flow during use can gradually starve the penile tissues of oxygen – leading to irreversible nerve and tissue damage.
  • Softer, ‘squishy’ erections caused by both a gradual build up of lymphatic fluid beneath the penile skin and over stressed penile tissues.
  • Extreme pressure or overly frequent use can rupture penile arteries or split the sheath of tissue surround the erectile chambers.

I’ve provided more in-depth advice about potential penis pumping injuries in this article.

Medically Approved?

There are a couple of penis pumps on the market that claim to be FDA certified medical devices. From this, you’d probably think that they’re certified specifically as a safe means of penile enlargement.

However, it’s important to appreciate that those devices that have gained medical certification, have done so not as a means of increasing penis size, but as a means of treating impotence.

That of course, is no reason to dismiss a penis pump as ineffective when it comes to delivering improvements in size – because as we’ve already noted, they can produce quite impressive temporary improvements.

The simple point however, is that you shouldn’t buy a penis pump under the false impression that it’s medically endorsed as an effective method of penis enlargement – because in reality, that medical endorsement relates specifically to their use as anti-impotence aids.

To date, the only devices to have gained medical certification specifically as a means of non-surgical penis enlargement are a handful of penile stretching devices.


I personally wouldn’t recommend using a penis pump if you’re serious about permanently enlarging your penis.

Yes, it’ll temporarily increase your size (usually for a couple of hours), but for the vast majority of men permanent gains are never achieved.

Unlike penis enlargement exercises, penis pumps do not promote a healthy flow of blood to the penis, which is necessary for healthy tissue growth. And combined with the possibility of serious injury, the method produces far too little results to justify the level of risk involved.

If you do want to experience the temporary penis size increases that can be achieved through the use of a penis pump however, make sure that you buy one that has been carefully designed to apply very accurate and safe levels of pressure. Doing so is essential to avoiding potential injury. Likewise, ensure that you air on the side of caution with your pumping sessions by ensuring you do too little rather than too much.

With that in mind, most sound sources of pumping advice would typically recommend the following type of progressive routine for a beginner:

  • First Week: 1 x 10 minute sessions per day
  • Second Week: 1 x 15 minute sessions per day
  • Third Week: 2 x 10 minute sessions per day
  • Forth Week: 2 x 15 minute sessions per day
  • Fifth Week: 1 x 20 minute + 1 x 10 minute sessions per day
  • Sixth Week: 2 x 20 minute sessions per day
  • Seventh Week: 3 x 20 minute sessions per day

One of the better, high end devices that provides the best balance of impressive temporary size increases and safely controlled and easily adjusted pressure levels, and would be ideal for implementing the above routine is the Penomet penis pump.

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