Common Penile Injuries from Vacuum Pumping


Man nervously cupping his crotch in white underwear.

Penis Pumping:
A hazardous pastime where risk often outweighs reward

You’ve been anticipating the arrival of your new ‘Mega Hung’ penis pump for days…when the door bell rings and there’s the FedEx man carrying a discreetly packaged item. No sooner than you’ve exchanged pleasantries and signed for your new wonder toy, you’re ripping open the plain white box whilst dashing to the bathroom – all in the near uncontrollable anticipation of the monster sized hard on that you’re about to artificially induce…

Why the story intro – quite imaginatively told if I do say so myself?

Basically because most injuries involving penis pumps tend to be sustained through inexperienced excitement and / or over zealous use.

One of the (few) great things about using a penis pump is that they can leave you in awe of your penile size potential almost from initial use.

But therein lies the problem. Behind his ‘hard’ masculine exterior, your penis is a delicate and sensitive little guy who’s not particularly keen on being inflated like a monster truck tyre – but it’s hard to resist the temptation to do exactly that once you start pumping.

Here’s the physiological trouble with doing that…like the rest of your body your penis evolved to be in perfect tune with one earth atmosphere (14.696 pounds of pressure per square inch). Reduce that pressure too much or too quickly by sticking him in a penis pump and sucking out the air; and yes your penis might look substantially bigger, but it’ll also leave the little fella pulling at the seams…almost quite literally.

It’s because it’s so easy to fall into the above ‘over pumping’ trap that I’d recommend avoiding the temptation of using a penis pump like the plague. Even with consistent use, the temporary size increases rarely equate to long term gains; and the novel benefits are far outweighed by the risks.

But I’m also aware that many will ignore my sage advice and will nevertheless try to inflate their todgers to Goodyear Blimp like proportions. So below you’ll find a run down of the common symptoms associated with using a penis pump either too frequently, for too long or with too much vacuum pressure – all of which come under the umbrella term of ‘over pumping’.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you’ve over pumped: Stop your session, wait for everything to heal (which may take days or several weeks depending on the severity of the injury) and learn from your mistakes – which depending on your risk to benefit assessment and the value you place on having a functional penis will either mean never touching a pump again or being a great deal more cautious the next time.

Minor Problems:

Bruises & Blisters

Due to the thin, delicate skin on the glans, the penile head is particularly susceptible to injury from pumping. Fortunately, such injuries tend to be the least serious, although they’re often pretty painful due to the highly sensitive nature of the glans.

Blisters on the penile head are particularly common – and like normal blisters, they’ll fill with fluid. All I can say is this…if you’re brave enough to stick a needle in one of those bad boys then you’re a better man than me.

Of course, the real problem with blisters is that they’re easily aggravated with friction (which also makes them hurt like hell) – and well…a penis that’s not exposed to a healthy dose of regular friction is like a bird without wings – pretty pointless. Needless to say however, you won’t want to be rubbing it against anything (including hands, clothing etc.) or sticking it in anything (girlfriends, water melons etc.) until fully healed.

Again, due to the very delicate nature of the glans, it’s also quite common to rupture tiny blood capillaries just under the skin – which might leave you with tiny red spots dotted over your little soldier’s helmet. They’re harmless – but they might raise a few questions as to where you’ve been or what you’ve been doing. Regardless of the potential for putting your sexual organs under uncomfortable scrutiny though, it’s again important to let them fully heal before your next pumping session in order to prevent further complications.

It’s also quite common to rupture the small blood vessels just under the skin of the penile shaft, resulting in dark black / blue bruising. If you do experience such bruising take heed – the skin on the penile shaft is obviously significantly thicker and more robust than that of the penile head – and if it bruises, it’s a clear indicator that you’ve applied too much vacuum pressure.

Skin Discolouration

During a pumping session it’s also important to keep an eye on the colour of your penis. If you notice a general darkening of the penile skin, it’s time to slip your little buddy out of the pump cylinder and let him come up for some air.

This type of skin discolouration – medically referred to as cyanosis – is caused by the penile tissues slowly starving of oxygen. Whilst penis pumps trap blood in the penis during use, they also prevent fresh oxygenated blood from circulating. As the blood within the penis deoxygenates, it loses its bright red colour and takes on a dark-blue tint – which causes the resultant skin discolouration.

In other words, a penis pump gradually asphyxiates your favourite play mate. Ignore him turning blue (quite literally) and you run the high risk of causing permanent nerve and tissue damage.

Lymphatic Fluid Build Up

Unfortunately pumping doesn’t just cause the penis to swell up with blood, it also draws abnormal levels of lymphatic fluid into the penile tissues.

Lymphatic fluid (the same watery stuff you find in blisters) forms an important component of the immune system, but a build up in the penile tissues is something best avoided.

Lymphatic fluid tends to initially accumulate under the skin just behind the penile head. The resultant swelling is often referred to as the ‘doughnut’ effect – because, as the name suggests, the skin can puff out to such a degree that it looks like a doughnut has been wedged on your little man just behind his head.

Although such ‘doughnut’ like swellings are pretty harmless and can be massaged away, they tend to be the precursor to a more problematic accumulation of lymphatic fluid throughout the penile shaft. In fact, given time the problem can get so severe that your erections may well start to feel more like a water soaked sponge as opposed to an iron girder.

What’s more, the fluid build up can cause the urethra (the tube running through your penis) to clamp shut under the surrounding pressure of the lymph soaked tissue, which can have a startling effect on your ability to urinate. Some men say that when it gets this bad, urine sprays out as if from an aerosol – not good, particularly if you pride yourself on your ability to write your name in snow.

However, lymph build up tends to be a gradual process that progressively worsens with frequent pumping sessions – so if you’ll have plenty of warning signs along the way before things deteriorate to such a degree.

Additionally, the good news is that symptoms associated with the build up of lymphatic fluid are entirely reversible, although they can take a few weeks to completely subside.

However, the problem really does highlight the abnormal physiological effect that regular pumping can have on the penis.

Decline in erection frequency and / or quality

As I mentioned above, lymph build up from over pumping can leave your erections feeling about as rigid as an old water soaked bit of driftwood – but that’s not the only reason that the quality of your erections might suffer.

The fact that during use, penis pumps also cut off the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to the penile tissues may well lead to progressive nerve and vascular damage, which would of course gradually weaken the quality of your erections.

Penis pumps are well known to desensitise the penis, which although is often seen as a benefit in the short term (because it helps to delay ejaculation) could well be an initial symptom of such nerve damage. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear stories from long term penis pump users who’ve found that their erections are not only less rigid and sensitive, but they’re more difficult to achieve and less frequent as well.

Major Injuries Associated With Penis Pumps

The problems mentioned with penis pumping up to now have been either minor (such as bruising and blisters) or cumulative i.e. you’d notice a gradual deterioration in your erectile function. In both instances, problems should subside – as long as you stop your pumping sessions and allow your penis to fully recover.

However, over pumping can also cause quite severe sudden trauma that can have significant long term consequences.

Damage to major blood vessels…

You won’t be surprised to learn that the tremendous volumes of blood forced into the penis during a pumping session places massive internal pressure on the penile blood vessels; and if the increase in pressure is too sudden or extreme, one of these blood vessels can rupture.

A rupture to any major blood vessel within the penis is obviously going to cause significant pain, bruising and swelling. But more importantly, it could also have a significant impact on your overall erectile function.

A rupture to the cavernous artery for example (which supplies the erectile chambers with blood to facilitate an erection) often leads to a condition called non-ischemic priapism. Here the ruptured artery causes blood to escape and pool within the erectile chambers – resulting in a permanent (until healed) semi-erect penis. Although the condition rarely causes long term significant erectile impairment, it can take several months for non-ischemic priapism to fully heal. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for the condition to reoccur due to a weakening of the arterial wall which never fully recovers.

But that’s just one scenario. The penis contains a complex structure of blood vessels including the above mentioned cavernous artery, as well as the deep and superficial dorsal veins that drain blood out of the penis, all of which work in perfect harmony to produce an erection.

As such, any activity that may cause a disruption to the delicate balance between blood entering and exiting the penis is, in my mind at least, a reckless and unnecessary gamble which could have long term implications for your ability to achieve or maintain a decent erection.

Penile Fractures…

Possibly the worst case sudden trauma scenario you can envisage from the use of a penis pump however, is a ‘penile fracture’.

Anatomically speaking, a penile fracture occurs when the sheath of tissue (called the tunica albuginea) which encapsulates the erectile chambers simply rips under the strain of excessive internal pressure – just like a chronically over inflated tyre.

Unfortunately (if you damage it at least) this sheath of tissue is a pretty vital component of your penis – it acts quite literally like the ‘inner tube’ of your erections – providing both rigidity and form. Experience a blow out in the tunica and the grim truth is that surgery is likely to be the only effective way of correcting the damage.

Massive distortion to the shape of your penis as well as a severely compromised ability to achieve an erection (due to both intense pain and the impact on functional integrity) are the two likely consequences of a penile fracture.

And of course, a badly swollen penis and no sex for a couple of months are the likely consequences of surgery – as well as the ‘Vanilla Sky’ type anticipation of what lies under the bandages. Side effects of corrective surgery to the tunica albuginea can include permanent penile shortening and asymmetrical erections – or in other words, you could ultimately end up with a penis that looks more like a bent baby banana than the prize marrow you first dreamed of.

The Bottom Line…

Penis pumps can be a mildly novel way to boost your erection size once in a while…but that’s where their use should stop.

As I’ve illustrated above, the excessive stress placed on the penile tissues can have pretty far ranging consequences if they’re used too frequently, too intensely or for too long…in fact, all the things you’re likely to do if you’re attempting to use them ‘seriously’ for any form of permanent penile enlargement.

Whilst you may consider blistering, bruising and a bit of lymph fluid to be an acceptable risk, sudden severe traumas such as burst arteries and penile fractures can catch you unawares (particularly if you’re getting a little over enthusiastic during a session). And whilst severe traumas such as these can literally happen in the blink of an eye, they can have a very negative impact on your sexual functioning.

There are indeed safer (and substantially more effective) ways to enlarge your little man. And whilst alternatives such as penile traction or exercise may not give you that immediate ‘wow’ factor from first use, they will produce a steady and progressive improvement to your size…permanently and with minimal risk of injury.

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