Exercising the PC Muscle

You may be surprised to learn that not all penis enlargement exercises directly involve the penis. A good example of this are exercises that are designed to develop and strengthen what’s known as your Pubococcygeus or ‘PC’ muscle.

The PC muscle is actually one of a group of four muscles that make up the pelvic floor. It is located about an inch behind the scrotum, and you’re probably most aware of it during ejaculation – when it involuntarily contracts, forcing semen out of the penis. If you’re still a little unsure of its location, the best way to find it is to voluntarily stop the flow of urine midstream the next time your urinating. The PC Muscle is the muscle you feel contract in the no man’s land between your scrotum and anus.


The list of benefits associated with developing and strengthening your PC Muscle is almost endless. As far as erection quality is concerned, a strong PC Muscle improves circulation and increases the flow of blood to the penis. If your erections are not as firm as they once were, PC exercises can certainly help to put the zest back into them.

It’s because the PC muscle can have such a positive effect on improving blood flow to the penis that exercises to strengthen and develop this muscle are usually included in natural penis enlargement workouts. By improving the quality of your erections, it also improves your overall penile health which in turn leads to better gains in penis size.

If you’ve ever ‘flexed’ your penis during an erection and watched the tip swell with blood, you’ve achieved this by contracting your PC Muscle. This helps to give you an idea of the powerful effect the muscle has on blood flow to the penis. By strengthening the muscle through regular exercise, not only will you eliminate weak erections, but the increased blood flow will also ensure that your penis always stands in size to its full potential.

Strengthening the PC Muscle also improves overall ejaculatory function. The muscle plays an essential role during ejaculation, by contracting and pumping semen out of the urethra. Exercise increases the control you have over the PC Muscle, which enables you to effectively clamp down ejaculatory response. In other words, you develop the ability to delay and control exactly when you ejaculate. With increased strength, the PC Muscle also contracts more forcefully during orgasm, leading to an increase in orgasm intensity, more powerful ejaculations and an increased volume of ejaculate.

Basically, if you want to increase the intensity of your orgasms, control when you ejaculate, improve the strength of your erections AND help to maximize the results you achieve through natural penis enlargement you must exercise and develop your PC muscle.


You strengthen your PC muscle through very simple to perform exercises called Kegels – named after Dr Arnold Kegel, the gynaecologist who developed them in the 1950’s. They were originally intended to help women with poor bladder control, but it’s their positive side effects on both male and female sexual health that has made them so popular in recent years.

Although there are several variations of Kegel exercises, the basic technique is just as effective as any and offers all the benefits mentioned above. To perform one Kegel repetition, you simply tense your PC Muscle as forcefully as possible and then hold the contraction for 10 seconds before relaxing. To complete the set, you repeat the process a total of ten times.

At first, you’ll probably find it difficult to hold the flex for ten seconds, particularly during the final repetitions. Just persevere and aim for ten. The PC Muscle develops very quickly and within a week or two, you’ll easily be able to perform a full set. As the muscle develops, you are also able to contract your PC far more powerfully, while at the same time the exercise become almost second nature.

After a week, start to increase the number of sets you perform per day – one extra set a week. You should ultimately try to build up to three sets; each spaced out at intervals through the day. This may sound like a lot, but the great thing about Kegels is that they take next to no effort and can be performed absolutely anywhere – as long as you’re standing or sitting. So the next time your watching TV or driving to work, make the most of your time and do something positive to improve both your penis and overall sexual health – exercise your PC.

Another variation of the above Kegel exercise called the ‘PC Cletch’ essentially involves the same principle of contracting and relaxing the PC muscle, but is performed whilst you have an erection. This exercise can further help to promote gains in penis size, particularly when performed at the end of a penile exercise workout, as it ensures that the penis receives copious volumes of nutient and oxygen rich blood just when it needs it most for maximum recovery. To find out more about the PC clench as well as other key penile exercise techniques, take a look at my free exercise guide.

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