How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Looking up the trunk of a tall tree from the ground.

From saplings grow mighty oaks.
With the right approach, the same can be true of your penis!

If you’re unsatisfied with your current penis size you have two basic options – opting for surgery on the one hand, or exploring the various natural ways to make your penis bigger on the other.

On first impressions surgical techniques would of course, seem to be the most appropriate. After all, who better to entrust a vital part of your anatomy to than a surgeon? They successfully transplant hearts, remove brain tumours, stitch back together the unfortunate recipients of horrific injuries…making a dick bigger must be a piece of cake in comparison, right?

The stark answer unfortunately, is that surgical techniques often don’t provide the gains in penis size that one might expect.

A medical study published in the journal of European Urology in 2005 for example, reported rather meager gains in both length and girth.

The average increase in penis length following surgery, the study reported, was a near unnoticeable 0.6 inches, whilst those who had undergone girth enlargement surgery didn’t achieve a great deal more; experiencing on average a gain of just 0.9 inches in circumference.

A further study published in the Indian Journal of Urology in 2008 noted that surgical penile enlargement techniques produced ‘unconvincing results’ with ‘minimal success’; and then went on to emphasise the numerous potential post operative complications that can be involved.

Backs Turning on the Surgeon’s Knife…

Due to the acknowledged shortcomings of penis enlargement surgery, natural methods of penis enlargement have become increasingly popular; to the point in fact that even the medical community is taking note.

Penile stretching for example, is gaining favour as a viable alternative to surgery; and is one of the non-surgical routes that numerous studies have suggested should be attempted before surgery is even considered an option.

As the lead researcher of a clinical trial into traction noted in the British Journal of Urology in 2009:

Our study showed that the penile extender device produces an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and stretched state…we propose that the device should be used as a first-line treatment option for men seeking a penile lengthening procedure.

The problem is, the Internet being what it is, many fast buck merchants have seized upon the opportunity to make a quick killing out of the burgeoning craze for ‘non-surgical’ penis enlargement methods; and have unfortunately swamped the market with both misinformation and an almost incalculable number of overpriced, but ultimately ineffective products.

Given the advertising copy on many websites it would seem as if any man with a $100 or so dollars to spare can have the privilege of watching his nob sprout inches quicker than Concorde could take off.

But whilst most of the hype is obvious bollocks, there are a couple of natural options available that can indeed make your penis bigger…which we’ll look at below:

Follow a Penile Exercise Program…

Man Inflating Weather Balloon

Penile exercises work in a very similar way to how a balloon increases in size as it inflates with air.
Although admittedly, results may not be quite as impressive.

The first option is to follow a penis enlargement exercise routine.

Such exercises focus on expanding the penile erectile tissue so that the penis can hold higher volumes of blood during an erection. Similar to how a balloon increases in size as more air is blown into it, the bigger your penis will appear as its ability to hold blood during an erection increases.

Does it Work?

One online exercise guide has been the subject of independent medical evaluation, which offered a resounding yes to that question.

A study involving 50 men who undertook a penile exercise program for an average of 22 minutes, 4 days a week recorded an average increase of 1.8 inches in penis length and an average increase of 1.6 inches in penis girth over the course of 3 months.

The study further concluded that the exercise program had produced no adverse side-effects; and that in addition to the notable increases in penis size, the test subjects had also experienced significant improvements in both their erection quality and their ability to delay ejaculation.

‘Bigger, Harder, More Sexual Stamina’ – How many times have you read that headline on one website or another?

Well, although they didn’t phrase it in quite that way, that’s exactly what the researchers who examined the effectiveness of following a good exercise routine found applied.

If the option of exercise appeals to you, take a look at my Fundamental Facts About Penile Exercise article to see which exercise programs I currently recommend.

Using a Penis Traction Device…

If the prospect of penile exercise doesn’t grab you – and the truth is, it can take some dedication – a penile traction device might be your best option.

Numerous medical studies performed in recent years have recorded the effectiveness of such devices when used as a stand alone method of non-surgical penis enlargement.

One such study, conducted by a Danish plastic surgeon and urologist, recorded average length increases of almost 30 percent in the 18 men who took part in the trial. In other words, those with an initial measurement of around 6 inches in erect length gained approximately two inches over the course of treatment:

Excerpt of ProExtender study.

Excerpt of ProExtender study detailing impressive gains in penile length over the course of treatment.

The above study employed the use of a medically certified traction device known as the ProExtender – generally considered to be at the forefront in terms of its build quality and design; and one of the few devices to have gained full medical approval and certification.

In fact the Pro Extender is sold under a variety of brand names including the ‘Jes Extender’ and ‘SizeGenetics’. All these brands sell exactly the same product manufactured by a company called DanaMedic.

Should you decide to buy one of the three devices – ProExtender, Jes-Extender or SizeGenetics – you are getting exactly the same medically approved device. That being the case, it basically comes down to a matter of preference of supplier, as each company offers various different extras in their packages and therefore, pricing options. Because of the fierce competition, it’s worth checking out all three sites for the best deal.

Take a look at my Fundamental Facts About Penis Extenders article to learn more about the various package options available.

Weighing It All Up…

Both the natural methods of penis enlargement mentioned above have been scientifically verified to be not only effective, but also safe.

When one considers both the significant risks and mediocre results often delivered through surgery, such natural methods of increasing penis size obviously become an attractive proposition.

When you further consider that penis enlargement surgery costs on average $10,000 – $12,000, the use of either penile exercises or a penis traction device proves not only to be much safer and effective, but also an infinitely less expensive way to permanently make your penis bigger.

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