How To Increase Penile Size Naturally

Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo’s David:
His diminutive package might have been admired in antiquity. Alas, less so these days.

Until relatively recently, the only medically recognised means of increasing penis size was through surgery. Ironically however, surgical penile enlargement procedures are also almost universally dismissed as ineffective or unsafe by the medical community. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for example considers surgical techniques to increase penis size to be ‘high-risk [with] currently insufficient data to establish safety and effectiveness’. What’s more, the limited data that has been reported through various medical studies doesn’t inspire much confidence. In 2005 for example, the journal of European Urology reported that men on average achieve a length increase of just 0.6 inches after undergoing penis lengthening surgery.

Due to the limited success rates associated with surgery, the more forward thinking of the medical profession have turned their attentions to ‘alternative’ non-surgical methods of increasing penis size. Specifically, clinical research into the safety and effectiveness of penile exercise techniques as well as the use of penis traction (stretching) devices have yielded some surprising results.

Penis Exercise Techniques

Penile exercise involves the employment of various hand performed techniques designed primarily to increase the blood capacity of the penile erectile tissue. By gradually increasing the volume of blood that can enter the penis during an erection, permanent increases in both penis length and girth can be achieved.

A medical study published in 2000, trialled the effectiveness of one such penis exercise program – Penis Health. The study recorded the progress of 50 individuals over a three month period and concluded with the following results:

  • Test subjects achieved an average increase in erect penis length of 1.8 inches.
  • Test subjects achieved an average increase in erect penis girth of 1.6 inches.
  • All test subjects achieved significant improvements in erection quality and ejaculatory control.

Due to the impressive results of the above clinical trial, the Penis Health exercise program has remained at the forefront of research into such exercise techniques for almost a decade. Today, the program is still considered to be the most authoritative source of information on penile exercise, providing both highly refined and effective, yet simple to follow techniques and workout routines.

Penile Traction Devices

For those who’d rather do no work at all to increase their penis size, the slightly more expensive, but equally effective option of using a penile traction device is well worth considering.

An overwhelming number of medical papers have verified the safety and effectiveness of penis traction. One medical research paper entitled ‘Tractive elongation of the penis by means of stretching’ (Siena et al 1998) recorded the following increases in penis size achieved by 18 test subjects over a six month period:

  • All patients achieved penile lengthening without complication or adverse side effects.
  • Average increase in erect length was 29 percent.
  • Average pre treatment erect penis length was 6.4 inches, increasing to 8.26 inches post treatment.

Another medical study, published in the BJU International urology journal in 2008 surmised that the use of a penile traction device was a ‘minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis’.

Those considering the use of a penile traction device however, should ensure that the device they choose is medically certified for the purpose. With the increasingly widespread publicity of the effectiveness of penis traction, numerous devices of questionable quality have hit the market.

Medically developed and certified devices such as that offered by SizeGenetics, are not only precision engineered to provide exacting and safe levels of traction, but also offer anatomically correct designs that ensure reliable, secure and comfortable attachment to the penis. Many of the clinical trials into the effectiveness of penis traction (including the ones mentioned above) have in fact employed the use of the SizeGenetics device – as such this device has a proven track record of success that certainly justifies the minimal investment.

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