How To Enlarge Your Penis Naturally

Man wearing jeans holding a tape measure against his crotch

You’re unlikely to go off the ruler; but enlarging the little fella by 1 – 2 inches is more than realistic…and that can make a BIG difference to how it looks and how you feel.

No doubt you’ve come across numerous sites that claim to hold the secret to how you can enlarge you penis naturally. From pills, creams and patches through to exercises and traction devices, all these websites have one thing in common – they all claim to have a magic solution. The sad fact is though, once you look a little deeper behind the sales pitches, they rarely back up their claims with any type of solid supporting evidence.

But all is not lost….despite all the confusion surrounding the subject of penile enhancement, there are a couple of ways to enlarge your penis naturally that do in fact have a degree of clinical evidence and medical backing to support their claims.

Penile Exercise

Such penile exercise techniques typically focus on both expanding the sponge like tissue within the penis (known as erectile tissue) that swells with blood during an erection and stretching the penile ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone.

By gradually developing the blood capacity of the erectile tissue, increased volumes of blood can enter the penis during an erection – the upshot of which is increased penile girth. On the other hand, by using specific exercise techniques to stretch the penile ligaments, length increases can be achieved.

The effectiveness of such specialised exercise techniques was clinically verified in 2000 by a medical study that recorded the progress of a group of 50 men who followed one well known, high profile exercise program. Over a period of six months the study recorded that the 50 participants achieved average increases of 1.8 inches in erect penile length and 1.6 inches in erect girth.

These impressive results confirmed that the penis, similar to any other type of human tissue, will respond positively to the strains of consistent localised exercises – particularly when subjected to a well researched and structured exercise regime.

Such penile exercise techniques however, do have to be performed consistently over a period of several months to be truly effective. The subjects in the above clinical trial for example, exercised on average for just over 20 minutes per workout, four days per week in order to achieve the above mentioned results.

Learn the fundamental facts about penile exercise, including more about the exercises involved, the results you can expect and the websites offering the most effective, well-researched routines.

Penile Traction

If you lack the inclination to commit to regular exercise, the use of a penile stretching device offers an alternative medically verified means to enlarge your penis naturally.

In the past few years, penile stretching devices have been the focus of growing medical interest – both as a non-surgical means to enlarge the penis and as a treatment for penile curvature.

Typical clinical results report that stretching devices can enlarge the penis by around 30 percent when used consistently over a medium time frame of 3 – 6 months. A recent study conducted by urologists at San Giovanni Battista Hospital, Italy (published in the urology journal BJU International in 2008) for example, concluded that the use of a penile stretching device produced a ‘significant’ average penile length increase of 32 percent in fifteen test subjects. The study further reported that penile stretching devices ‘should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis.’

Although the use of a high quality penis stretching device is a more costly option than following a well structured penile exercise guide, they do have the clear advantage of being far less ‘labour intensive’. Once secured to the penis, they can be left in place for a number of hours with relatively little user intervention. Men who simply lose the motivation to keep up penile exercises for example, often find the use of a stretching device to be a far easier experience.

You’ll find more about the principles of, and research into penile traction, as well as the devices that have proved to offer the best results in my article, the Fundamental Facts About Penile Extenders.

The Bottom Line…

Regardless of whether you decide to use penile exercises or a stretching device though, both have been medically proven to work; and with consistent use over a medium time frame of 3 – 6 months, both will provide similarly impressive results. Whilst many products touted on the internet may claim to offer a quick fix solution to enlarge your penis naturally, in reality only the above two methods have the validity of medically backing to support their claims.

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