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One question I get asked rather more frequently than I’d like is ‘exactly how big does your penis have to be to be considered big’…and the reason I’m not keen on being asked that particular question is simply because it’s near on impossible to answer – it’s like trying to quantify how much money you need to be rich or what IQ you need to be classed as smart.

But as I’ve found out the hard way (through my attempts to answer the question time and time again over the years) that argument just doesn’t wash with many men; and neither can I get away with just stating averages. No matter how many times I’ve reiterated that research into the subject consistently shows that the average erect penis length ranges from about 5.5 – 6.25 inches, the questioner expects elaboration. ‘Yes I know’ they’ll say, ‘but how much bigger than average do I need to be in order to really be able to say hand on heart that I have a big penis’.

So in an attempt to resolve this question once and for all, let’s delve deeper than just looking at average penis size (although we will do that first to get our bearings). Let’s look further than those bland concrete ‘average’ figures and instead look at the percentages of men who fall at different points throughout the broad spectrum of penis sizes…and through pure percentage minority can be said to be truly hung like proverbial horses.

How Big Should Your Penis Be…To Be Average?

Of course, to be classified as big you must at least be bigger than average – hence, a quick look at the average penis size statistics thrown up by various studies and surveys will help to give us a good starting benchmark.

Often quoted as indicative of ‘average penis size’ are the results of a study published by the world famous Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction way, way back in 1948. This study collected the penis size measurements of 3500 men (making it one of the biggest studies to date) and found that:

  • Average erect penis length of the group was 6.21 inches.
  • Average erect penis girth was 4.85 inches
  • Average flaccid (limp) length was 3.89 inches.

There is however a ‘slight’ problem with the above findings. Although the research is still considered authoritative after over 60 years, its one flaw is that the participants were allowed to measure themselves without supervision – and of course it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a few (or a lot, if you’re really cynical) of the participants may have been a little generous with their measurements. Yes, the measurements were given anonymously and the Kinsey Institute is world renowned for the reliability of their research, but male pride might still have fudged the data towards a slightly inflated average.

Because of this potential flaw, it’s worth cross referencing the Kinsey results with a study conducted by Lifestyles Condoms in 2001. Here, the researchers went to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of their data – they used a team of nurses under the supervision of a doctor to record the participant’s penis size measurements.

That’s right…Lifestyles Condoms managed to twist the arm of 400 men to drop their pants, get a hard on and allow two nurses to independently scrutinize the dimensions of said hard on with a tape measure – all under the watchful eye of a doctor. Not surprisingly, not all the volunteers managed to ‘rise’ to the occasion – and the researchers ultimately had to make do with 300 accurate readings.

But despite the fact that Lifestyles managed to gather less than a tenth of the penile measurements of the Kinsey Institute, what’ beyond reproach are the accuracy of those measurements – and as they say, it is often quality, not quantity that counts.

So what light did the Lifestyles’ nurses (all of whom, the study felt necessary to point out wore latex gloves during their measuring duties) shine onto the question of average penis size? Well they found that:

  • Average erect length measured 5.87 inches
  • Average erect girth measured 4.97 inches

As we guessed might be the case therefore, the stricter measuring protocols employed by Lifestyles did result in slightly smaller penis size averages in comparison to Kinsey – by half an inch or so. But there’s no disputing that the results of the two studies were in the same general ballpark – and therefore corroborate what we already know – if your erect penis measures around the 6 inch mark in length (give or take a couple of eights of an inch either way) your spot on average.

And of course, if you’re bigger than average – say 6.5 inches in length or more – you have every right to genuinely and unashamedly say that you have a big penis – maybe not a monumentally, monolithic penis…but a big penis nonetheless.

But How Big Is Really Big?

Quoting averages is all well and good, but as you’ll have gathered, it doesn’t provide you with the extra insight you need to determine whether you’re big, really big, or indeed freakishly big. After all, if you sport an erect penis that’s 8 inches in length, but 20 percent of the population are either the same size or larger, you could hardly consider yourself to be particularly special could you?

This is where looking at the percentages of men who share a particular penis size breathes new life into the equation – because it’s that exclusivity of being one of the few in the top few percentiles that separates the truly big from those who are just slightly bigger than average.

So let’s return to the penis size studies we looked at before, courtesy of the Kinsey Institute and Lifestyles Condoms, and look at their findings in percentage terms:

Breaking Kinsey’s measurements down into the percentage of men falling into specific size ranges reveals the following:

  • Only 11.8 percent of men possessed an erect penis length of less than 5.5 inches (ranging from 3.75 to 5.25 inches).
  • A massive 65.7 percent (pretty much two thirds) measured between 5.5 and 6.5 inches.
  • The top 22.7 percentile (just under a quarter) measured 6.75 inches or over.

So according to Kinsey, measuring 6.75 inches or over puts you in a pretty exclusive club – because you erect penis length is likely to be bigger than 77.3 percent of the male population.

Delving Even Deeper…

But let’s break down the 22.7 percent of men who are endowed with an erect penile length of over 6.75 inches further – to reveal who really are the big boys by virtue of their rarity value.

According to the Kinsey statistics:

  • Having an erect penis length of 7 inches or over puts you in the top 17 percentile – or in other words, your penis is statistically bigger than 83 percent of the population.
  • An erect penis length of 7.25 inches or over places you in the top 7.5 percentile – that is, you’re bigger than 92.5 percent of men.
  • An erect length of 8 inches or above would place you in the top 1.8 percentile – which translates to an erect penis length bigger than a whopping 98.2 percent of the population.

But if you compare the above with the Lifestyles Condom’s statistics, having an erect penis length of over 7 inches puts you in an even more exclusive club, because according to the measurements taken by those helpful nurses (wearing their latex gloves of course), out of the 300 men who unleashed their hard-ons in the name of medical advancement:

  • Only 4.5 percent measured 7 inches or over in length
  • A miniscule 0.8 percent measured 8 inches or over – or in other words, those with an 8 incher were bigger than 99.2 percent of their fellow mankind.

So…The Answer?

So let’s just put these findings into perspective. Taking the percentage ranges provided by both these studies (which between them must give us at least an accurate range of the likely number of men to have a certain erect length) we’re left with the statistical certainty that having an erect length of 7 inches or over puts you in the top 4.5 – 17 percent of the population – which, even if you take the less exclusive 17 percent means you’re firmly in the minority and have something to boast about (to your friends and girlfriends that is, not your Mom, neighbours or prospective employers).

And if you’re anything over 7 inches, the number of your fellow male human beings who share the same sized appendage rapidly tails off. At the very least having a penis length of 7.25 inches means that you can proudly say that 9 of off every 10 men are smaller than you. And if you’re over 8 inches…well wow…you’re easily in the top 2 percent – the same top percentile that in IQ terms would put you in Mensa, or in wealth terms would put you in that elite group who hoard 90 percent of the world’s riches.

8 Inches Plus? You’re In Good Company…

Rasputin's pickled 11 inch penis; young blonde woman staring with amazed intrigue at the jar containing his severed member.

Rasputin’s 11 inch (flaccid) monster!
If you’re too big…you might end up with your penis pickled in a jar for posterity.
No dear…I think it would have given you chronic jaw ache if you’d tried.

If you do find yourself in that most exclusive of clubs, the 8 inch+ club, you’re in good company – the likes of Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Don Johnson and Liam Neeson allegedly share the same physical attribute. And it’s at this point that you’ll really start to gain kudos – with ex-girlfriends comparing your manhood to large Evian water bottles (Janice Dickinson speaking about ex-boyfriend Liam Neeson) or remarking that out of your 120 pound frame, a solid 100 pounds is made of pure cock (Frank Sinatra’s ex-wife Ava Gardner).

But such accolade can have its downfalls as is aptly illustrated by Rasputin. The mad Russian monk’s 11 inch disembodied penis is now the star attraction at the Russian museum of erotica in Saint Petersburg, pickled in a glass jar.

From Average to Big…

As you’ll have gathered from the analysis above, just a couple of inches can make the difference between being perceived as having a small penis and a big one. And of course, if comments are going to be made about your most prized possession, it’s better for them to be of the confidence boosting type as bestowed on the likes of Frank Sinatra and Liam Neeson rather than the self-esteem destroying, ridiculing type that would arise from being rumoured to be hung like a baby carrot.

And of course, the confidence boosting effects of a big penis run much deeper than being the subject of a few flattering comments, because the little fella is for better or for worse, a key player in the emotional wellbeing of the male psyche. By illustration, a 2006 University of California study into male and female perceptions of penis size concluded that men with larger than average penises ‘rated their appearance most favourably…suggesting a confidence [boosting] effect’. Not surprising then, that the same study found that 45 percent of men wanted to increase their penis size, even though 88 percent thought they were already of average size or larger.

But there’s no need to just fantasise about having a bigger penis – because adding the meagre 1 – 2 inches required to transform the little guy from being perceived as just average to the stuff of legends isn’t a fantasy, it’s very much achievable – as long as you’re prepared to invest a little bit of discipline and time in your goal. And of course, if you are prepared to make that investment, you can be sure you’ll be repaid many times over in terms of the confidence boosting effect.

Investing your energies in either penile exercise or penile traction (or a combination of the two if you’re feeling particularly motivated) can offer that sort of reward in just a matter of months. Yes…it will take months because there are no miracle routes to a bigger penis (not even through surgery) – but that period of a few months is miniscule in comparison to the life-long improvements you’ll experience to the quality of your life.

If you’ve got the commitment and you’re serious about achieving a bigger penis, take a look at the fundamental facts I’ve written about both penile traction and penile exercise – they’ll give you all the information you’ll need to decide whether you’ve got what it takes to follow either of them through. You’ll also find it helpful to check out my free beginner’s penile exercise guide – it’ll give you a taste for what involved if you go down the exercise route.

Most importantly, remember that you have the power to make positive changes to your life – and thanks to the inextricable link between penile size and male self-esteem, one of the most positive changes (anatomically at least) many men can make is to stop fantasising about packing an extra inch or two extra…and instead start making it a reality.

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