Fundamental Facts about Penis Enlargement Exercises

It’s easy to be skeptical about the validity of penile enlargement exercises, simply because of the overwhelming amount of rubbish written about them online.

That nonsense isn’t just spouted by the numerous free penis enlargement exercise guides out there, who all seem to delight in offering their very own incoherent mix of badly informed dribble; it’s unfortunately propagated by many of the paid, subscription based guides too.

The sad truth – as you’ve probably gathered by now – is that most of the information about penile exercise that you’ll come across is written by monkey-brained idiots with little grasp of the English language, let alone the subject.

And instead of helping you to enlarge your penis, they just provide a bin bag full of badly explained techniques, ineffective workouts and potentially dangerous exercises.

Why all the rubbish?

The truth is that sites offering free penile exercise techniques – even the well written ones – generally give duff advice so that you’ll give up after a couple of weeks, and buy a more expensive alternative product.

On the other hand, because commercial guides don’t sell for big bucks, only a handful of companies put the time and effort in to developing really effective programs.

All that’s a real shame though, because done correctly, exercising your penis is not only entirely safe, but it’s also an extremely cost effective way to permanently enlarge your little fella.

All it takes is a good guide. Oh, and yes, a fair amount of patience and effort.

How Do You Exercise Your Penis?

It sounds ridiculous for sure.

Do you set up your own little Willy Gym next to your barbell bench, where you try your hand at lifting weights by flexing your dick, or maybe doing cock-pushups on the floor?

No… fortunately not.

In fact, because of the unique structure of your penis (it doesn’t contain muscle in the traditional sense of the word) these exercises are nothing like you’ll have done before.

There are two basic types of penile enlargement exercise:

  1. Exercises that stretch the penile ligaments – which primarily increases penis length.
  2. Exercises that increase the blood capacity of the penis – which increases girth.

To achieve the above, you employ a variety of techniques to stretch, yank, tug and massage your penis from every conceivable angle – all done with nothing more than your hands.

To get a taste of what’s involved, you can check out my free guide, which comes complete with a beginner routine.

Unlike most of the free stuff out there, my guide will give you a clear, basic introduction to the essentials of penile exercise, so that you can decide whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

Would I personally recommend it?

In all honesty, if I was doing it all over again I’d be more inclined to rely on a penis extender as my primary method of enlargement, for a couple of key reasons.

  • They take a lot less effort to get to grips with.
  • They require substantially less commitment to use regularly (which is the real secret to success).

The sum total of those positives is a surer route to realising the goal of a bigger penis.

But for those with the commitment to stick diligently to a daily regime, penile exercise can work out to be an extremely effective option.

Do Penis Exercises Really Work?

Committing yourself to regular penile exercise for period of 3 – 6 months will not only dramatically increase your penis size, it will undoubtedly improve your overall sexual health as well.

Amongst the side-benefits, you’ll find that your erections become firmer than a cast iron flag pole; that you gain greater control over when you ejaculate; and that the intensity of your orgasms increases considerably.

So you’ll have bigger, better hard-ons… and more fun.

In fact, no other method of penis enlargement offers so much potential.

But you don’t need to take my word for it, because it’s been clinically proven to work as well.

Chartham Method

In the 1970’s, a certain Dr. Brian Richards investigated the effectiveness of one of the first penile exercise programs to be developed, known as the ‘Chartham Method’,

At the time, Dr. Richards was a renowned specialist in sexual health, with numerous books and studies to his name. So not surprisingly, an exercise routine that claimed to positively affect penis size was of particular interest to him.

To test the claims of the Chartham Method, Dr Richards’ set up a medical trial involving 32 men over a three month period.

Notably, the study claimed an overall success rate of 87.5 percent; with just two men dropping out of the trial and a further two failing to achieve any improvements.

As for the other 28 men, they all made substantial gains ranging from 0.94 to 1.4 inches in erect penis length and 0.55 – 1.2 inches in erect girth.

Not bad for three months work!

Synexus & Harrison

A couple of years ago another medical trial conducted by Synexus & Harrison Clinical Research reported even better results.

Involving 50 men, this study tested one of the current leading penis enlargement exercise guides – Penis Health (reviewed below).

According to the Synexus & Harrison research, within three months the 50 participants had achieved an average increase of 1.8 inches in erect penis length and 1.6 inches in erect girth.

All from just an average of 22 minutes of exercise per day, 5 days per week.

So as you can see, the 30 years between those two studies were far from wasted.

The continual development and refinement of penile workout routines and exercise techniques led to results that were 30 – 50 percent more pronounced than those recorded by Richards in the ’70s.

So yes, done correctly, penis exercise techniques do work.

The Commitment Problem

The only downsides to attempting to enlarge your penis through exercise are that they must be done regularly (4 – 5 times a week) and you must follow a well structured routine.

Exercising your penis is just like any other form of physical exercise: If you put in the effort and keep it up, you’ll reap the rewards; but if you’re half hearted in your approach, you won’t get any where.

The above sounds obvious, but the problem is that it’s really easy to underestimate just how difficult it can be to set aside 20 – 30 minutes of very private time per day; time where you can fully concentrate without interruption on what you’re doing.

Each exercise session will require your undivided attention to be effective. Some penile exercises – such as the Jelq – require a continual, uninterrupted action that can last 10-15 minutes or more as you progress.

On top of that, there’s a lot of learning involved – both as a beginner getting to grips with the exercises, and as you advance.

This isn’t a mechanical process where you just learn the basics and then keep doing the same thing until the goal is achieved.

On the contrary, success is only achieved by constantly adapting and refining your workouts in response to the progress you’re making – and that’s a process that requires a lot of mental effort, in addition to the commitment to stick to daily workouts.

It can be done – I did it – but it was laborious. And for every man who succeeds, many more fail.

I say this not to be pessimistic, but so that you start down the path of penile exercise with your eyes wide open.

The necessary high levels of commitment and motivation are the real stumbling blocks for many men who opt for penile exercise; because with the best will in the world, they just can’t keep it up for more than a few weeks.

That goes a long way to explaining the far higher success rates reported by those who primarily rely on the non-surgical alternative of penile traction.

Such devices require far less in the way of conscious effort to produce similar results.

Safety Concerns

Of course, attempting to enlarge your penis through exercise involves exerting significant physical stress on the penile tissues. It is the stress and strain of that physical stimulus that provides the stimulus for growth.

There is therefore, an inherent, but minimal risk attached to the use of penile exercise, just as there is with any other form of exercise.

But, if you intelligently follow a well structured exercise routine and you apply the correct levels of stress at each stage of the training process, it’s near on impossible to do any serious damage.

On the contrary, you’ll experience nothing but positive effects.

The worst ‘injuries’ I experienced were a little bruising and slight soreness in the first week or so; symptoms that soon disappeared as my penis became accustomed to its new work load.

But like any type of physical exercise, if you do too much, too often or too intensely for what your body can handle, you run the risk of injuring yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, ‘Don’t go at it like a bull at a gate’.

Just as running a marathon will do more harm than good if you can barely jog around the park, the same is true of penile exercise.

So to stay safe it’s vital to gradually build up the intensity of your workouts by following a well-structured routine tailored to your stage of progress.

Similarly, you need to listen to your body.

If you feel any pain (which you shouldn’t) or your erections aren’t quite as strong, you know you’ve overtrained your penis and you should give it a break for a couple of days.

Done correctly (and I only ever recommend guides that show you how to do it correctly) it would be next to impossible to do any form of damage to your penis.

If you did, it would be because you ignored multiple, very noticeable warning signs.

The Gains You’ll Achieve

Like I mentioned above, working out your penis is a gradual process that takes at least 3 months to produce permanent gains.

Sometimes you’ll see steady progress week–by-week, in the form of positive and noticeable changes in both the size and quality of your erections. When they occur, they certainly help to keep you motivated.

At other times unfortunately, you’ll hit a plateau – a brick wall in your development where no improvement seems to be made for weeks on end.

That unfortunately is the nature of penile exercise – stalls in penile growth are an inevitable (and often frustrating) part of the process.

Those who succeed are the ones who work through the plateaus, learn from them, and adapt their workouts accordingly, no matter how long it takes to break through.

But if you remain motivated and committed, and you intelligently follow a well-structured workout routine, then the results of the clinical trials mentioned above speak for themselves.

You can expect to gain between 1 – 2 inches in erect penis length and 0.5 – 1.5 inches in erect girth over the course of 3 – 6 months.

This of course, ties in closely with the average improvements reported by clinical research into the effectiveness of the ‘lazy man’s’ alternative of using an extender device.

Personal Experience with Penile Exercise

I’ll give you an idea of what can be achieved each step of the way from my own experiences.

It took me a couple of weeks before I noticed any positive changes; but one of the first obvious improvements I did see was in the quality of my erections.

As the blood flow improved to my penis, my erections became increasingly firmer – which of course made them look a little bigger too.

In fact, this improvement in penile blood flow can have quite a pronounced effect on your flaccid size – so if you’re a ‘grower’ instead of a ‘shower’, expect to become a ‘shower’ pretty quickly.

If you stick with a good program for a couple of months, you should be able to gain at least half an inch in erect penis length and about the same in girth – those are the average growth ranges.

Of course, everyone has their own unique physiological makeup – some respond faster, some slightly slower, but these are realistic averages.

It may not sound like much, but believe me, you’ll notice the difference!

These are only the initial gains you’ll achieve though.

In fact, for one reason or another this seems to be the point a lot of men stop exercising; maybe because they’re content with the typical 1/2 inch improvement.

But stopping at this stage in your development is a common mistake you should avoid, because at this stage it’s quite easy to lose the gains you’ve made.

Achieving your maximum increase in penile length and girth takes an additional 2 – 4 months – again, depending on your physiological make up.

It’s during this period of intense exercise that you’ll add some solid permanent size to your penis – gains that will last a lifetime!

In total, over the entire 4 – 6 month period you can expect to achieve permanent increases in line with the clinical research mentioned above:

Approximately 1 – 2 inches in erect penis length and 0.5 – 1.5 inches in erect girth.

Using a well researched program I personally achieved a 1 ¾ inch increase in my erect length over a 3 month period (none of which I’ve lost since stopping).

That, I would say is on the upper limits of what you can achieve through penile exercise; and to be honest, took a lot of work.

So to sum up:

  • Expect to notice a significant improvement in erection quality after a couple of weeks. When flaccid, your penis will look noticeably bigger too.
  • First couple of months expect to achieve about 0.5 inch in erect length and similar in girth.
  • Following 2 – 4 months you can realistically expect to gain a total of 1 – 1.5 inches in erect length, 0.5 – 1 inches in erect girth.
  • The results are permanent.
  • You’ll also achieve total control over when you ejaculate and significantly improve your overall penile health.

Increasing Growth Rates

Physical stress provides the stimulus for growth, but without a well balanced diet your body will find it difficult to grow – no matter how committed you are to your workouts.

In that sense at least, working out your penis is like exercising to increase muscle mass. Your gains are entirely dependant on providing your body with a consistent supply of nutrients for optimum repair and growth.

Unfortunately, by the time most of us start to actively attempt to improve our penile size, puberty is long gone; so we no longer have that heady mix of adolescent growth hormones surging around our bodies to compensate for a poor diet.

But although we no longer have the benefits of puberty, there’s still a lot you can do to optimise the conditions for penile growth.

It’s simply a case of optimising your diet and your nutrient intake.

Now, there’s absolutely need to stick to a strict bodybuilder type diet – your penis is after all, a comparatively small organ.

But it is helpful to at least be mindful of the bodybuilder’s growth mindset:

Correct nutrition = Growth

The simplest way to put the above formula into practice is to try to make sure you eat a small amount of protein (20 – 30 grams) every 2 – 3 hours.

That regular intake of protein helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in your body, which is a prerequisite of tissue growth.

To accelerate penile growth further, consider using (if you can afford it) a high quality male enhancement supplement. I’d personally recommend VigRX Plus (reviewed here).

A lot of men notice pretty rapid gains when they combine them with exercise because of two direct effects they have on the penis:

Firstly, they contain ingredients called vasodilators, which expand the arteries feeding the penis with blood, therefore increasing penile blood flow.

Secondly, they contain precursors (the building blocks) of the male sex hormone testosterone – helping to increase your body’s testosterone levels.

This accelerates growth rates in a few ways:

  • A stronger supply of blood to the penis ensures that the stressed penile tissues receive all the oxygen and nutrient rich blood they need to efficiently recover and grow from the microtrauma of exercise.
  • The improved penile blood flow also ensures that during erection the penis is always stretched to its current full capacity – therefore preventing loss of gains achieved.
  • Testosterone is a powerful growth hormone. By naturally increasing your testosterone levels, you’ll optimise recovery between workouts – hence again, leading to faster gains.
  • A powerful psychological edge. Supplements can’t permanently increase your penis size without the aid of exercise. BUT they do promote massively swollen erections – which may look ½ – 1 inch bigger than normal. Until the permanent effects of exercise kick in, seeing an almost immediate size increase can give you a massive motivation boost.

Whilst it certainly isn’t vital to take male enhancement pills to benefit from the effects of exercise, thanks to the above effects, they can really help you to maximize your growth rates if you do choose to take them.

You’ll find out more about the supplements and exercise combinations I recommend, as well as the best deals to go for below.

Effective Guides:

You’ve probably seen loads of these sites advertised – all making the same claims. The problem is, until you stump up the fee to join, you just can’t tell if there’s any substance behind them.

I’ve collected numerous memberships over the years, just to see if they offered anything new or unique of real value.

In the majority of cases the answer is no.

They just provide the same old, out dated beginner exercises that you can easily find for free. Exercises that will give you minimal, if any, growth. And the really funny thing is that half these membership sites don’t even manage to get the basics right!

In fact, most don’t come close to my own short beginner’s guide.

My guide offers either a perfect, concise introduction to penile exercise, or can be used as a compliment to a high potency supplement or a medical grade extender. Combined with either option, the addition of these simple exercises can give your gains a phenomenal boost.

But if you intend to rely exclusively on exercise for your gains, you’ll need a fully inclusive program that offers a progressive range of exercises and workouts that continually shock your penis into sustained growth.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then in my opinion the two guides mentioned below are by far the most effective – simply because they’re written by people who know what they’re talking about.

I recommend the first – Penis Health – because it personally worked for me; and because its clear, user-friendly presentation and flexible approach make it ideal for beginners.

I recommend the second guide – Erection Fitness – because it’s probably the most intensive, growth orientated program I’ve come across; perfect if you’re looking for a high intensity, strictly structured ‘Insanity’ type workout regime that takes no prisoners but assures maximum gains in a minimum timeframe.

Either will do the job effectively, but because of their very distinct approaches, I’d recommend reading both reviews to get a good idea of what each has to offer.

Penis Health Guide

PenisHealth Diamond PackagePenis Health – I tend to recommend this site for one very simple reason – I know it works from personal experience.

As a beginner looking for good quality, professionally presented information about penile exercise techniques, this was the only guide that lived up to its promises.

It showed me what to do, it removed the uncertainty, it gave me clear direction.

Thanks to the extremely well presented instructional material – with its clearly illustrated exercises and structured workouts – I didn’t feel overwhelmed or confused by jargon or ambiguity. I was able to jump straight in.

I hate to be one of those sites that says, ‘I gained x and x amount using this program’ – because they’re usually just trying to sell you a product.

But the fact is I did make substantial gains with this guide – 1 ¾ inches in erect length and (about) an inch in girth. The girth measurement is a bit of an approximation because I was far more focused on improvements in length.

Suffice to say that the overall improvements I achieved were phenomenal.

And I’m not alone. The members forum – full of very positive experiences – is testament to the program’s effectiveness.

In fact, if you’re at all sceptical when you join, I’d suggest having a look at the forums before you do anything else – they’ll certainly show you how many men have found this guide beneficial.

So what’s makes Penis Health such a powerful exercise program?

Well… in my mind, there are several reasons:

Structure & Presentation

Being overwhelmed with sprawling information is a common problem with penile exercise programs. You simply don’t know what to learn first, or how to put it into practice.

But the methodical structure of Penis Health prevents that common, and very self-defeating information overload.

With this guide, everything is beautifully compartmentalised – you learn on a ‘need to know’ basis.

For example, both the exercises and workout routines are perfectly tailored at each stage to the requirements of beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

This form of methodical beginner to advanced structure is essential with penile exercise, because the penis is so sensitive to both under and overtraining.

With the Penis Health guide, you can therefore be pretty confident that you’re applying the correct levels of physical stress for optimal growth.

Taking it to the next level, exercises are even arranged into component sections – those targeting length, those targeting girth and those improving overall erection quality; and are again, broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections.

So with this guide, you not only know exactly what you should be doing at each step of the way, but you’re free to tailor your efforts to your individual goals: maximise length, maximise girth or combine the two.

Bottom Line

This is just an exceptionally well researched and developed program – absolutely perfect for those who just want to get straight down to learning, implementing and benefiting from penile exercise as quickly as possible.

At just $49.95 for online access (or $69.95 if you want the DVD as well) together with a genuine 60 day money back guarantee, you just simply can’t go wrong with the program.

What you get is top notch, up-to-date information that produces real results and at the same time doesn’t break the bank.

To learn more, visit the official Penis Health website.

Erection Fitness Guide

Erection Fitness website screenshotErection Fitness – This new, high intensity program offers the most cutting-edge research into penile exercise I’ve come across.

Commissioned by the manufacturers of the only clinically proven male enhancement pill, VigRX Plus, and co-authored by a well known authority on non-surgical techniques, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, the Erection Fitness program follows a strictly structured 120 day regime that offers little flexibility, but is simply geared towards stimulating maximise growth.

Thanks to Alfaro’s background in sports science and physiology, the Erection Fitness program takes fundamental resistance training principles and reapplies them directly to the penis.

The program relies heavily on the theory of ‘progressive overload’ – the principle that in order to stimulate maximum sustained growth you must consistently increase the intensity of your workouts.

It’s a core physiological principle that top bodybuilders rely on to shock their bodies into extreme growth, and one the Erection Fitness likewise exploits to the full.

The most striking thing about the course is that it tells you exactly… and I mean exactly, what to do day-by-day until you finish the 120 day program.

Which days to exercise on, which days to rest, what workouts you should be doing on which days, when to move up to the next level to maximize progressive overload, what to expect week-by-week, in fact absolutely everything.

For those who want a strict regime to follow – with set week-by-week growth targets – Erection Fitness delivers perfectly.

I’d say it’s the penile equivalent of the ‘Insanity’ workouts – an extremely high intensity exercise regime that takes real commitment to stick with, but offers colossal rewards for those who do.

Although it’s pretty costly at $97 (and that’s a time limited offer) one big bonus is that the guide comes with a month’s supply of the manufacturer’s VigRX Plus supplement (read my VigRX Plus review) – the market leading male enhancement pill.

As I mentioned above, the combination of a high quality supplement with a well developed exercise routine can really help to accelerate growth by improving tissue recovery, both by enhancing penile blood flow and increasing growth hormone levels.

So although the guide may seem expensive at first, one should remember that a month’s supply of VigRX Plus costs $76.99. What’s more, the program’s 60 day full refund guarantee lets you keep the VigRX Plus for free if you decide the program isn’t working for you.

Having seen the quality of the material though, as well as the training regime based on sound physiological principles of growth, I’d be surprised if anyone will be disappointed with the results.

Like their VigRX Plus formula before, Leading Edge Health have come up with a real winner with this new guide – it’s just a shame that after the introductory offer ends, the price might put it out of reach of many men.

For more information, take a look at the official Erection Fitness website.

VigRx Plus + Erection Fitness for Free

As an alternative to buying a direct subscription to Erection Fitness , it’s worth noting that subscriptions to the program are also included free with purchases of 4 or more month’s supply of VigRX Plus.

VigRX Plus is the only supplement I’m aware of to have legitimate clinical research to back up its claims; with its powerful effects on improving both penile blood flow and growth hormone levels shown to improve erection quality by over 60 percent.

Thanks to that significant effect, the supplement can be an amazingly effective addition to a penile exercise routine – significantly boosting recovery between workouts and therefore, speeding up gains.

A four month supply of this highly potent supplement will help to exploit the full power of Erection Fitness program – offering the perfect combination of a high intensity workout program and a highly potent recovery aid.

For more information, take a look at the official VigRX Plus website.

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