Free Penis Enlargement Exercises

On the next few pages you’ll learn five core penis exercises that form the basis of a beginner enlargement routine. You’ll also find a starter workout routine at the end of this guide so that you can effectively put into practice the exercises you’ve just learned.

This basic overview will give you a good idea of what penis exercise involves, and will help you to decide whether this method of penis enlargement is the right choice for you.

This free penis exercise guide does not detail everything you need to know.

Instead, it’s purely intended to give you a feel for what’s involved.

The last thing I’d want you to do is invest $50 – $100 in a high intensity exercise program just to find out that you didn’t have the motivation to keep it up. Because the truth is, it can be hard work and a lot of men simply do not have the level of commitment needed to succeed.

But if you do feel comfortable performing the core penile exercises detailed here, you’ll know that it’s worth investing your time and money in an advanced program; one which will provide you with all the techniques and incrementally structured workout routines you’ll need to stimulate maximum, sustained penile growth.

Such programs really do produce substantial improvements in both your penis length and girth if you intelligently and consistently apply them for 3 – 6 months.

And if you do put in that effort, you can expect to gain somewhere in the region of 1 ½ and 2 ½ inches in erect penis length and 1 to 2 inches in erect girth. Of course, some men achieve slightly less, others achieve slightly more, but these are realistic and achievable goals to aim for.

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Ultimately though, as I mentioned above, the gains you achieve will be wholly dependent on your level of commitment.

The great thing about this method of course, is that it’s cheap – even with the best commercial guides you’re essentially just buying information.

The downside of course, is that it’s you who has to implement that information; and it’s very easy to underestimate the time and effort required to enlarge your penis through manually performed exercises.

It’s you who has to learn the ins and outs of what you’re doing, it’s you who has to commit to regular exercise sessions; it’s you who has to find the time, the motivation and the privacy to follow the goal through (and believe me, privacy can be harder to come by than you’d think – particularly when you’re yanking and tugging on your nob for 30 minutes a day).

In that sense, using a good penile exercise program to enlarge your penis is just like using a good language course to learn another language: You’re provided with all the resources you need to succeed; but whether or not you succeed is very much dependent on you.

So use this free guide to see if penile exercise is the right language of enlargement for you.

There are a few reasons this free guide doesn’t go beyond the basics:

If I detailed more than the basics you’d be tempted to launch straight into the higher intensity exercises – I know because it’s a mistake I made myself and it can cause injury; injury that can leave your dick as limp as an over-boiled frankfurter sausage for weeks if you’re not careful.

Yes, it is the advanced techniques not mentioned in this guide that will stimulate maximum growth, but it takes a few weeks of lower intensity exercise before your penis is ready to cope with the demands of them.

Although you will find all the exercises described in this free guide in the professional ‘beginner to advanced’ penis exercise programs I recommend, by just detailing the basics here it should reinforce the importance of not running before you can walk, so to speak.

Secondly, the more advanced exercises you’ll move on to must be performed absolutely correctly to be both effective and safe. To learn them you should consult a professionally developed guide that provides high quality video demonstrations and talk through instructions so that you know exactly how to apply them.

It’s for the same reasons of safety I really wouldn’t recommend scouring the internet for these high intensity techniques. A lot of free sites (even the ones with videos) don’t provide accurate and safe descriptions. If you’re going to take penile exercise seriously, it’s much better to learn these techniques from a reputable program that’s been developed by professionals – please don’t take any risks.

Lastly, and this is really important, the professionally developed penis exercise programs I recommend show you when and how to increase the intensity of your workouts by providing progressively staged workout routines. These show you how to continually ‘shock’ your penis into growth so that you achieve maximum gains in minimum time. Obviously I can’t reproduce highly refined workout routines on this website that have taken years of research and development to perfect – they are the property of their developers.

Please also pay special attention to the medical disclaimer before continuing to read.

You can read reviews of the penis enlargement exercise guides I recommend here.

Getting Started

Before you use these free penis exercises there are a few important points to bear in mind.

Firstly, make sure you thoroughly understand each exercise before you perform it. This is the only way to derive full benefit and ensure safety. If you’re more of a visual learner you would definitely benefit from using one of the professionally produced penis exercise programs I recommend – they provide high quality videos, accurate talk through instructions and pictures of each exercise taken from every angle.

Secondly, be prepared to spend some time learning how to properly perform these exercises. It can take a couple of weeks to truly get the hang of them. At first, you might feel that a particular exercise doesn’t feel right or you’re not feeling any benefits. But push through this barrier – like any type of exercise it takes time both for your body to adjust and for you to learn how to apply the exercise correctly.

Most importantly, stick to the beginner workout as described. Do not be tempted to perform more reps or spend more time on an exercise, or increase the frequency of your workouts. The beginner routine described here is specifically designed to get you accustomed to the new exercise loads that you’ll be placing on your penis. Doing more than the stated amount of work is likely to lead to over-training, which like any other form of exercise will result in limited or no progress.

Remember, this a beginner workout – your focus at this stage is to thoroughly prepare your penis for higher intensity exercise.

By properly applying what you learn here, I guarantee you’ll have a head start on the competition. When you then start on a high intensity regime you’ll be able to jump straight in to more advanced exercises and routines that will give you substantial, permanent increases in penis size in next to no time.

Good luck with your efforts, I wish you the very best of success. Remember penis enlargement exercises do work, so approach them with a positive and focused attitude.

Gary Marshall

Learn the first exerciseThe Warm Up

An Easier Option?

MaleEdge Pro Penis Extender

Non-surgical penis enlargement made simple:-
The Male Edge Pro:
Offering cutting edge design at an affordable price.
A no fuss, pre-assembled design and a massive 2.8kg of traction makes the MaleEdge extender both simpler to use and more powerful than the competition…all for less than a couple of hundred dollars.

I recently read an article in the health section of Time magazine that reported on recent medical research into the effectiveness of non-surgical methods of penis enlargement.

The research published in the medical journal BJU (British Journal of Urology International) provided a meta-analysis of multiple evidence-based studies into both surgical and non-surgical enlargement methods performed between 2000 and 2009.

A couple of lines from the research struck me:

Our review suggests that penile extenders represent an effective and durable method of penile lengthening, capable of elongating the penis by an average of 1.8cm with minimal side effects. This compares favourably with surgery, which is much more invasive for the patient.

Based on current evidence, we suggest that penile extenders, not surgery, should be the first-line treatment for men seeking a penile lengthening procedure.

The fact is, whilst results achieved through penile exercise can be hit and miss because of the level of sustained effort involved, penile extenders seem to consistently produce better results because they require so little user input.

Apart from the minimal effort required to strap the device on and check the traction level intermittently, they enable you to get on with the rest of your day while the device goes to work discreetly, continuously and most importantly effectively.

That seems to be the key to their success in medical trials – they’re simpler to use.

A penile extender won’t give you better results than exercise, but it will undoubtedly give you them more effortlessly. The equivalent, almost, of penis enlargement auto-pilot…an automation of the process that may well, I’m sure, mean the difference between success and failure for many men.

The problem has traditionally been however, that good, medically certified devices have been so ridiculously priced that they were firmly out of the financial reach of most men – hence the reason I’ve always been a staunch advocate of penile exercise.

But, with devices such as the new MaleEdge extender now offering extremely reliable function for under the $200 mark, penile traction could well be the non-surgical route to a larger penis that makes the use of exercise seem difficult, unnecessary and outmoded.

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