Clinical Studies into the Effectiveness of Exercise

Those interested in penis enlargement exercises are often simply put off by the lack of clinical studies backing up their effectiveness. Combined with the fact that countless men have put their faith in poor quality guides that have proven to be of little benefit, it’s little wonder that penis enlargement exercise techniques are often met with scepticism from both the medical community and the general public alike.

Those men who are prepared to put their scepticism to one side, generally rely on the anecdotal positive experiences and testimonials of others. But without gaining the same level of solid medical backing that traction devices have received, the chances of such exercise techniques ever gaining widespead acceptance is seriously limited. But, having personally experienced the notable gains in penis size that can be achieved through exercise, I for one have always wished that a medical study would once and for all give these exercise techniques the credibility they deserve.

In fact, in the mid 1970′s, a UK based doctor called Brian Richards did set out to investigate the effectiveness of penis enlargement through exercise. The author of numerous books and hundreds of articles on sex-related subjects, Dr Richards’ medical study attempted to prove or disprove the effectiveness of a penis enlargement method known as the “Chartham Method”. Essentially, the Chartham Method was based on the combined use of penile massage techniques and a vacuum pump. At the end of the three month study, 87.5 percent of the men forming the group that had used the Chartham Method reported gains ranging from .94 inches to 1.4 inches in length and from .55 inches to 1.2 inches in girth. Doctor Richards concluded that the Chartham Method could enable a large percentage of males to improve the size of their penises.

The bad news is that Dr. Richards’ study fell into disrepute when the vendor of the Chartham Method was successfully sued for “obtaining money or property through the mails by means of false representations”. The judge in the case did note that “Dr. Richards has impressive experience in the field of sexual medicine….and had conducted a careful and interesting trial of the Chartham Method”. But in light of the general medical consensus of the time that penis enlargement through natural means was not possible, Dr. Richards’ study was dismissed….and the case was lost.

No wonder then that natural penis enlargement techniques have had an uphill struggle ever since to gain any credibility. And it is against this background that the company behind the leading PenisHealth exercise guide have decided to put the record straight with their own independently conducted medical study.

This pioneering study will record the progress of 50 volunteers over a 3 month period. Volunteers will perform the exercises at home, but will have penile measurements accurately measured by medical staff month by month. The study will focus on actual increases in erect and flaccid penis length and girth, as well as each volunteer’s perceived improvements in erection hardness, frequency of erections, sexual stamina, libido, confidence and control over ejaculations.

With the release of the results PenisHealth hope to be the first company to clinically verify their claims and prove once and for all that penis enlargement exercises are more than just hype and scams. There’s no doubt that 10 years on since the PenisHealth guide was first published, that numerous men have benefited. I personally rate it as possibly the best commercial source of information on penile exercise techniques currently available, which certainly would have saved me a lot of research and hard work; as well as trial and error had I discovered it sooner. It will be nice to see the guide get the medical backing it so rightly deserves!

You can read my full review of the PenisHealth exercise guide here.

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