Penis Enlargement Exercises

When I first considered the possibility of penis enlargement way back in 1998, exercise techniques that promised that very thing were just starting to appear on the Internet. Promising ‘secret ancient Arabic techniques’, which had reportedly been passed down from father to son from generation to generation, my attention was immediately grabbed. And I wasn’t the only one…droves of men like myself signed up to the growing number of ‘members only’ websites, all of which offered their own ‘unique’, ‘secret’, ‘ancient’ and ‘proven’ exercises. In fact, from my collection of $50 a time memberships, I recall most of these sites being a regurgitation of the same basic information – nothing new or unique.

In all honesty, I’d question how ancient these exercise techniques actually are. In terms of information found on the Internet, I guess any information which has been around for over a decade is as ancient as the Dead Sea Scrolls. But in the true meaning of the term, I think that ‘ancient’ and ‘secret’ were simply used as clever marketing tools to add a degree of validity and an air of mysticism.

But in reality, the heritage of penis enlargement exercises is largely irrelevant. What I was interested in, and I’m sure you are too, is simply whether or not they work, which is the basis for this article:

The Principles of Penis Exercise…

So what’s the score? Is there any validity in the claims? Well before I answer that, here’s another claim you’ve probably heard a few times:

‘The penis is not a muscle. You can’t exercise it in the same way as your biceps and expect it to grow’.

This little gem of wisdom has been quoted countless times, often by doctors and other so called experts in the field, in an attempt to rationally dismiss the possibility of penis enlargement through exercise.

One part of the above statement is true though – the penis is definitely not a muscle. In fact, the penis is a complex organ which consists primarily of a unique material called erectile tissue.

As I’m sure you know, penile erectile tissue absorbs blood like a sponge during sexual arousal, and expands to cause an erection. It’s a pretty unique type of human tissue, as it’s not found any where else in the male human body. Its only purpose is to inflate and expand, resulting in an increase in penis size and a rigid erection.

What I bet you didn’t know is that the erectile chambers running the length of your penis are entirely enclosed in a tough sheath of tissue called the Tunica albuginea – a bit like a protective casing.

The Tunica albuginea acts like a ‘brick wall’ which limits the expansion of the erectile tissue during erection – in a similar way to how a tyre will only inflate with so much air.

The basic principle of penis exercise techniques is to stretch both the erectile tissue within the penis and the tough sheath of tissue surrounding it . The more these tissues are forced to stretch, the more blood the penis can hold during an erection – which equates to an increase in penis size (just as blowing more air into a balloon will make it larger). With consistent exercise over a few months, such techniques can increase penis length and thickness by 2-3 inches.

A Medical Case of Natural Penis Enlargement…

According to physicians at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, a patient experienced ‘significant…permanent penile enlargement’ after suffering from an intense bout of Priapism (sustained, non-voluntary erections). The report surmised that this case of ‘Megalophallus’ as they termed it was the result of ‘permanent loss of elasticity of the tunica albuginea due to severe engorgement during the episode of Priapism’.

In other words, this man, without intentionally doing so, achieved a significant increase in his erect penis size simply because he experienced prolonged erections – the resulting physical stress of which permanently stretched the sheath of tissue surrounding the erectile chambers.

This little known medical report clarifies a few issues. Firstly, yes, the penis can be enlarged without surgery. Secondly, regardless of the fact that the penis isn’t a muscle, it will still adapt and grow given the right environment. And lastly, and least importantly, the cynics and the naysayers are completely wrong – whether they are ‘experts’ or otherwise.

Exercise Techniques…

The mysterious Jelqing techniques you’ve probably read about elsewhere on the Internet are designed to achieve through exercise exactly the same Megalophallus as the patient in the above medical report experienced involuntarily.

The basic idea of the Jelq is to stretch the Tunica albuginea beyond its normal limits, by applying the same type of internal pressure – but in a controlled, methodical way.

To achieve this in practice, the Jelq forces higher than normal volumes of blood into the erectile tissue. This in turn places additional stress on this surrounding sheath of tissue, which over time stretches to compensate.

The end result…just as the balloon I mentioned above gets larger the more you blow air into it…the larger your penis becomes because the stretched tissue enable it to hold more blood.

But there’s more…

Stretching the Penile Ligaments

Jelqing plays an extremely important role in an effective penis enlargement exercise routine, but it’s not the only exercise which needs to be performed.

There are other exercises which focus on another distinct part of penile anatomy – the ligaments which anchor the penile shaft to the pubic bone.

These ligaments (known as the fundiform and suspensory ligaments) do more than just anchor the penis to the body though – they also keep a significant portion of the penis tethered away from view inside the body.

To explain this fully, I’ll use the analogy of a boat tied to its moorings. A boat attached to a piece of rope can only travel so far, because the rope is tied firmly around a mooring. However, there may still be lots of unused rope just lying on the ground behind the mooring. If the mooring is removed however, then the boat will be able to drift further afield and take up the slack of the unused rope.

This may seem like a strange analogy, but the suspensory and fundiform ligaments act in a similar way to the mooring. Behind them, there’s an additional 3 – 4 inches of hidden penile shaft, which arches upwards inside the body. By stretching the ligaments, this internally arched portion of the penis straightens – which in turn causes a greater portion of the penile shaft to be exposed to the outside world.

You may be surprised to learn that penis lengthening surgery uses a similar technique to attempt to achieve its goals. But here the ligaments are literally severed with a scalpel.

This might sound a good option in theory, but be sure to read my article on penis lengthening surgery before you rush to the doctors. One significant draw back of any surgery is that to a lesser or greater extent, it leads to the development of scar tissue. Scar tissue unfortunately, is very inelastic and has a habit of shrinking – and not surprisingly, when scar tissue forms around the surgically severed ligaments, it has the nasty and counterproductive effect of drawing the penis back into the body.

However, just like the sheath of tissue surrounding the erectile chambers, these ligaments can be gradually stretched through exercise to provide the desired results. But again, it takes time, patience and dedication.

By combining both Jelq and stretching based exercises, penis enlargement through exercise is undoubtedly possible. Be prepared to dedicate time to it though to make it work. It’s very much like any other form of physical self improvement – results are achieved gradually over a number of months.

The Gains You Can Expect From Exercise…

The good news though is that exercise promotes enough steady positive changes to your penis to keep your motivation high – assuming that you have enough dedication to start in the beginning.

Often these changes begin to manifest themselves within just a couple of weeks of starting a penis exercise program. One of the great things about Jelqing exercises is that they quite dramatically and quickly improve blood circulation to the penis, which improves overall penile health. Men often notice quite quickly that their erections have become noticeably firmer and fuller, similar to when you’re extremely aroused. In addition, this improved blood flow also helps your penis to look larger in the flaccid state.

It’s difficult to gauge with any accuracy though, the rate at which you’ll achieve gains in penis size after this initial period. Some men report gains of ove an inch in erect length within the first month, whilst others have to invest far more time to see their first noticeable size increases.

But regardless of the rate at which you make progress, what’s certain is that over the long-term changes will occur. It’s not uncommon for men who exercise consistently to gain an extra inch and a half to two inches in both erect penis length and girth within 3 – 6 months.

In fact, my gains were about typical of what you can expect by following a good penis enlargement program. Having eventually figured out a good exercise routine, in just over 3 months I increased by penis length by one and three quarter inches, and thickness by over an inch.

You may feel that you don’t have time to wait 3 – 6 months to fully develop your penis, and I can understand how you feel – it can seem like a long time. But the fact is, unless you decide to go down the equally effective route of using a penis traction device, then there isn’t a quicker way to permanently enlarge your penis than through exercise. Yes, it does take a little patience and commitment. But in the end, you’ll thank yourself for the effort you put in.

What I can say though, is that exercising your penis becomes almost second nature after a week or two – once you’re familiar with what you’re doing. And it’s not time consuming – you really only need to exercise 4-5 times a week for around 10 – 20 minutes a workout to see steady gains. If you don’t put pressure on yourself and try to rush the process, a few months will have passed before you know it and you’ll be blown away by what you’ve achieved. For a few months effort, you get a lifetimes worth of benefits.

What Next…

If the idea of this type of exercise appeals to you, I’d thoroughly recommend taking a look at my free beginners penis exercise guide. Here you’ll find details of the core exercises which go to make up a good penis enlargement workout and you’ll also learn how to combine them into an effective routine.

The beginners guide will give you a firm idea of what’s involved and whether or not it’s a viable route for you to follow.

The Ultimate Guide…

Screenshot from the PenisHealth guide member's area.If you’re looking to achieve rapid gains with minimal effort I’d recommend taking a look at the Penis Health exercise program.

There you’ll find a great range of exercises, from beginner to advanced levels, which perfectly target all areas of the penile shaft. In fact, the Penis-Health exercise program has been so well researched and refined over the years that the program provides highly effective workouts can be completed in as little as 8 minutes a day – saving you a great deal of time.

The guide includes a comprehensive set of exercises (all accompanied with crystal clear DVD demonstrations) and numerous workout routines, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it in order to achieve sustained and noticeable gains in penis size.

In fact, as far as penis exercise programs go, it’s by far the professional I’ve come across. Not only is it the most detailed guide out there, but it’s also the easiest to follow. Without breaking the bank, this guide shows you step-by-step how to get the most of penile exercises; and really should be your first choice if you really want to supercharge your gains.

You can learn more about the program at the official Penis Health website.

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