Do Penis Pills Work?

Man tapping pills out of a medicine bottle into the palm of his hand.

A discreet, effective method of penis enlargement?
Not if you get the pill tub out in the office.

The various penis pills currently available (of which there are many) claim wondrous things…that they’ll super charge your sex drive and give you bigger, harder, throbbing erections to name but a few. Some even claim that with prolonged use you can permanently add several inches to your favourite friend…all with next to no effort on your part. You’ll even find numerous penis pill ‘comparison’ sites that rave on and on about how amazing some penis pills work…claiming that 98 percent of men found one pill above the rest added 2 – 4 inches.

So do penis pills really work, or is it all just hype? Well…in reality, it’s a bit of both.

The theory behind how penis enhancement pills work is pretty straight forward. They contain a variety of ingredients (usually herbs with a long history of medicinal use as anti-impotence treatments) that are known to have one of two effects: They either firstly, increase the blood flow to the penis by dilating the arteries that supply the penis with blood or secondly, they increase the body’s natural levels of testosterone.

The upshot of these two effects is that you’ll experience rock hard, swollen erections like never before…and more of them! Used as a means of improving erection quality therefore, good quality penis pills can certainly be worth the investment. And yes…with your penis engorged with blood to its capacity your erections are going to look somewhat bigger too…maybe ½ – 1 inch bigger in length and girth. Certainly not bad when the only effort you’ve put in is remembering to stick a couple of pills in your mouth a day.

But can good quality penis pills work so miraculously that they’ll eventually endow you with a permanently bigger penis? The less scrupulous manufacturers say yes…but in reality this is pure fantasy. Although such pills can push your natural size to its absolute limits, there’s just no way that they can provide enough stimulus to the penile tissues to produce permanent growth.

It’s for this reason that the better brands of penis pill tend to be supplied with penile exercise guides as well (one of the few natural means of non-surgical penis enlargement that really is effective). A good example of this is Male Extra, which is supplied with the clinically proven exercise guide, Penis Health.

Used in tandem with penile exercise, there’s a great deal of anecdotal evidence to suggest that the use of a good penis pill can significantly speed up the gains that can be made through exercise alone – instead of the average 6 months to add an extra couple of inches, this dual approach can produce similar results in half the time. The reason for this seems to be pretty simple – whilst exercise provides sufficient stimulus to promote permanent penile growth, a good quality penis pill aids recovery (and therefore, speeds up gains) by supplying an enhanced volume of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the stressed penile tissues.

It’s important to remember though, that all penis pills available are not of the same quality. There are a lot of fly-by-night merchants in this field that have been caught selling sub-standard ineffective products.

Only a handful of manufacturers have taken the time to clinically develop their products, use high quality ingredients and produce their pills in pharmaceutical grade facilities. Supplements that do make this grade include the above mentioned Male Extra, as well as VigRX Plus (which are not only produced in pharmaceutical grade facilities, but have verified clinical evidence to back up their claims.)

All of the above high profile brands will work to offer similar results – they’ll all provide you with massively improved erection quality and yes…they will temporarily enlarge your penis by maybe an inch or so. But if permanent penis enlargement is your objective, you will have to combine their use with a good penile exercise routine. Yes…that will involve a little bit of extra work, but all good things take a little bit of effort to achieve. And of course, while you’re waiting for the permanent results of exercise to kick in, you’ll have the temporary effects of the penis pills to impress your partner with.

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