An Effective Cheap Penis Extender: X4 Labs Starter Edition

The Ultimate Stretcher 'bare bones' penis extender kit

It may look plain; but the packaging is deceptive.
The most important thing of course…is that it works.

Clinical studies categorically show that penis extenders are effective – with numerous medical papers reporting penile size increases of up to 30 percent in length and about ¾ inch in girth over a 3 to 6 month time-frame.

The problem is though, for many men the $350 – $400 price tag of a typical medically certified penis extender is just that little bit too much.

There are very cheap penis extenders to be found online of course, some retailing for less than $100. But none of them are medically certified – and consequently, their fitness for purpose in terms of reliability, durability and safety are open to a great deal of speculation.

In fact, I’ve come across numerous stories where such devices have shown themselves to be not only unreliable, but also potentially dangerous.

The Need For a High Quality Extender

A good penis extender has to be capable of performing several tasks:

  • Firstly, it must be comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time. There’s a well-documented correlation between wearing time and length increases. Approximately every 1000 hours wearing time promotes a 1 inch improvement. A device that isn’t consistently worn due to discomfort will therefore, significantly hinder progress.
  • Secondly, once attached to the penis, it should stay firmly in place. The truth is that an extender that slips off every few minutes isn’t just irksome. Again, it’ll disrupt consistent usage; which will in turn, negatively impact results.
  • Thirdly, it must be able to provide easily adjustable and precise levels of traction in order to produce safe, sustained penile growth.
  • And lastly, it should be build out of high grade materials that will go the distance.

A penis extender that fails on any one of the above counts – as cheap ones invariably do – will certainly lead to a great deal of frustration, but is unlikely to produce any tangible penile size gains.

They’re simply not up to the task at hand.

Cheap  = Low Grade Construction

Cheaply manufactured penis extenders are generally made of low grade materials – low quality plastics and metals that can easily buckle or even break when worn.

The last thing you want of course, is for one of the metal rods to snap during use. But yes, it has happened… men have found themselves impaled in the groin like a victim of Vlad the Impaler whilst using low grade devices.

That’s why surgical grade stainless steel is such an important component in a penis extender – it maintains its strength even at higher tension levels, it doesn’t tarnish or rust, thereby losing integrity or functionality; and it doesn’t have the potential of reacting adversely with your skin.

Cheap = Inconsistent Traction Levels

Likewise, most cheap penis extenders simply don’t provide consistent levels of traction – they either apply way too much traction (which is obviously dangerous) or not enough (making them useless).

One of the hallmarks of a good quality device is that you can very accurately set tension levels, and then have the confidence to know that those tension levels will reliably maintained hour after hour.

The penis responds to a very specific optimum range of traction levels – of between 1.2kg and 2.7kg – depending on your stage of progress. As such, you must have total control over the traction levels you’re exerting on your penis at any given time.

Affordable, Quality Devices

The upshot of the tale is that the maxim ‘you get what you pay for’ tends to be equally true when it comes to penis extenders.

Having said that however, there is one relatively cheap penis extender device that does get the thumbs up.

The manufacturer of the North American manufactured, medically certified X4 Labs penis extender, have for a limited time, slashed $100 off their ‘starter’ extender kit – which they’re currently offering for the unbelievable price of just $129.95. They’re even throwing in free delivery too.

For that $129.95 price tag you get exactly the same medically certified device you’d get with their high end packages, just with a few less extras and spare parts.

Now, regardless of the package you choose, X4 Labs is a good choice for a number of reasons:

  • Reliable: Its precision calibration means that it always provides very consistent traction levels.
  • Powerful: Even the starter model is fitted as standard with a 1.8kg tension system – meaning that it’s already capable of exerting more penile traction than most other medically certified extenders.
  • Flexible: The starter extender can be easily, and affordably upgraded with components from the higher-end models in the range. For example, upgrading the tension to 2.7kg (the same as the top of the range device) costs just an extra $9.95. You can even specify this on the checkout while purchasing the starter kit.
  • No Growth Limits: Even the starter addition is supplied with enough extension rods to accommodate penile lengthening of up to 8 inches. Whilst the Deluxe and Premium packages include an extra set of 3 inch and 1 inch extension rods – taking the device’s lengthening capacity up to 12 inches – these can similarly be purchased as spares, should the need arise.
  • 2 in 1 Support System: The X4 Labs penis extender – including the $129 starter model – is the only device on the market that uses a dual comfort strap attachment method. This virtually eliminates all problems of slippage, reduces pressure on the penile shaft (making the device extremely comfortable to wear) and enables you to reliably exert maximum tension hour after hour with little adjustment or intervention.
  • Penile Exercise DVD: Intelligently combining a limited penile exercise routine with your traction routine is a very effective way of stimulating penile growth, because it helps to stimulate the penile tissues from every conceivable angle. With the X4 Labs extender, even the starter kit is provided with a properly structured penile exercise program, with full video demonstrations. It’s an amazing addition to a starter package, when you consider most packages containing a medically certified penile extender and exercise DVD would set you back at least $350.

With all those features, and bearing in mind you’re saving over $200 on the X4 Labs premium package, you probably won’t mind that the ‘starter’ kit just comes in a plain cardboard box.

What you do get for your money is a well build, high quality penis extender that does exactly what it says on the tin.

So if you’ve been looking for a cheap penis extender that truly is effective, then at less than half the price of most medical traction devices, this is definitely the one to choose.

You can learn more at the official X4 Labs website.

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