Beginner’s Workout Routine…

The following beginner workout routine has been reproduced with kind permission from the Penis Health exercise guide – a very authoritative source of information on the subject; and a guide you should consider using if you decide to continue with this type of penile exercise. You can use the this routine – the basic beginner routine – in conjunction with the exercises you’ve learned on this site.

The exercises and workout routine provided here for free will certainly give you a strong foundation on which to build, and you can certainly use them to start making progress. Most importantly though, they’ll help you to get to grips with the basics of natural penis enlargement – so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with information later on. Once you’ve mastered these techniques though, you should try to progress to more advanced exercises and routines. By doing so, you will gradually increase the intensity of your workouts, which is an important aspect of maintaining sustained growth.

To take your gains to the next level, the use of a more in-depth guide will help you to not only maximize your progress, but will also help to ensure that your workouts are as time efficient as possible – the Penis Health guide for example, has been refined over the years to provide effective workouts that can be performed in as little as 8 – 10 minutes per day…not bad for $50.

For ease of reference, I’ve included all the exercises you’ve learned on this website on one page. If you need a quick reminder of how to perform any of the exercises included in the Basic Beginner Workout, simply click on the name of any of the exercises in the grid below. The routine below should take about 20 minutes to complete – aim to perform it 5 days a week. A couple of days off at the end of each week are essential to recovery though – so don’t over do it!

Basic Beginner Workout…

Minutes / Reps

2 Minutes

4 x 15 secs per direction



50 Reps


Areas Targeted

Blood flow

Penis length

Penis length and girth

Penis girth

Overall penile health

Blood flow

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