The Basic Stretch Exercise…

Before you begin make sure you’ve thoroughly warmed up as described on the last page. In order to get the most out of the basic stretching exercises detailed below; and also to avoid injury, your penis must be fully prepared for action.

Furthermore, the following stretching exercises must only be performed when your penis is totally flaccid (limp). Trying to perform them when you have a partial or full erection is both difficult and potentially dangerous. Remember, your goal is to enlarge your penis safely and naturally – which involves using correct technique. If you try to cut corners by missing out your warm up or using poor technique, you could be heading for trouble.

Once you’ve finished your warm up, continue with the following routine.

Basic Penis Stretch Instructions

Firstly, grasp the head of your penis firmly with your hand – you can either use an underhand or overhand grip depending on which feels most comfortable.

Then gently pull your penis straight out in front of you, so that it’s horizontal with the floor. Don’t quickly yank your penis to full stretch, but instead take a few seconds to get there.

Once you’ve stretched your penis to its comfortable limit, hold this position for 10 – 15 seconds before letting go and relaxing.

Wait for 30 seconds or so and then repeat the above forward stretching process.

Continue doing this until you have performed a total of 4, 10 – 15 second stretches.

Once you’ve completed the above 4 horizontal stretches it’s time to relax for a minute or so. Use this time to gently massage the blood back into the head of your penis – which might feel a little cold or numb. This is nothing to worry about – see the tips section below.

Having regained full circulation to the head of your penis, it’s time to continue with the stretching routine as detailed directly below.

Multi-Directional Penis Stretching

Continuing with the routine by stretching your penis in a variety of directions helps to uniformly stress all areas of the suspensory and fundiform ligaments.

Use exactly the same gripping method mentioned above, but now pull your penis directly upwards towards your face.

Again, hold a comfortable, but firm stretch for 10 – 15 seconds and then relax for 30 seconds. Repeat this upward stretch another 3 times, (each 10 – 15 seconds long) to complete the exercise before relaxing again for a minute or so to massage the circulation back into your penis head.

Following the upward stretch, repeat the same process pulling your penis firstly downwards for 4, 10 – 15 second stretches, and then to the left for another 4 sets and then to the right for the final 4 sets.

Just remember to take a minute’s break between each change in direction and to fully message your penis before continuing.

Tips on Performing the Basic Stretch Exercise

When you perform the above exercises, the idea is to stretch your penis to its comfortable limit. This means you should feel a significant amount of tension at the base of your penis, but it doesn’t mean you should stretch your penis to the point where you feel you’re going to faint through pain. Be sensible and use your judgement to determine your comfortable limit: you don’t get extra points for attempting to rip your penis off.

Secondly, if you find that you can’t keep a strong enough grip on the head of your penis long enough to perform each stretch, try wrapping a small towel around your penis head and gripping that. I’ve found that this is a great way of keeping a good grip whilst exerting quite a lot of force on each stretch.

Thirdly, you may notice that your penis head feels a little cold after performing each set of 4 stretches – this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. This coldness occurs simply because blood circulation has been temporarily restricted: and you can use this minute’s rest to gently message the head of your penis to get back normal blood circulation. The beauty of such short, intense stretches is that unlike some other methods of penis enlargement (such as the use of pumps) they don’t restrict blood flow to your penis for anything more than a few seconds at a time, and therefore, avoid any possibility of injury.

Also, if you’re not circumcised, make sure you pull your foreskin back before you perform these stretching exercises. It’s impossible to get a good grip with your foreskin covering the head of your penis, and furthermore, you tend to place more pressure on the penile skin rather than the penis. The penile skin itself doesn’t need to be stretched; it has more than enough elasticity to cope with any gains in penis size you make. What you’re trying to do here is gradually stretch the internal penile tissues and ligaments – not the penile skin.

The Basic Stretch Exercise in a Nutshell

  1. Ensure you have properly warmed up before continuing.
  2. Make sure your penis is fully flaccid (limp).
  3. Grasp your penis just behind the head with your strongest hand. For extra grip, wrap a small cloth around the penis head.
  4. Firmly (but not sharply) pull your penis directly out in front of you until you reach your comfortable stretching limit – DO NOT PULL TO THE POINT OF PAIN.
  5. Hold the stretch for 10 – 15 seconds and then relax for few seconds.
  6. Repeat the above process another 3 times, relaxing for a few seconds between each rep.
  7. After completing the above 4 sets, relax for a minute or so. Message your penis head during this time to restore full blood circulation.
  8. After relaxing for a minute, perform steps 2 – 7, this time pulling your penis upwards.
  9. Continue the same process, pulling downwards, then to the left and finally to the right.
  10. You should now have completed a total of 20 stretches each lasting 10 – 15 seconds.

What’s Next?

Stretching exercises are primarily designed to increase penis length. Having completed the above sets (which probably took 12 – 15 minutes), it’s time to move on to another core beginner exercise called the Jelq, which primarily targets penis girth.

Next: An Introduction to the Jelqing Exercise.


Remember: This is a basic stretching routine primarily designed to get your penis accustomed to exercise – you should use it for a couple of weeks at most.

There are several other high intensity stretching exercises that you’ll need to incorporate into your routine to make substantial and permanent improvements to the length of your penis. These use both the principles of physiology and physics to not only stretch the penile ligaments, but also force the cells within the penis to divide and multiply (a process called hyperplasia) – which promotes even more length.

These advanced exercises aren’t included in this guide for reasons of safety and to ensure you learn the basics first. To learn them properly requires a well researched, reputable penile exercise guide. Using such a guide will ensure that you’re getting first rate instructional material (including video demonstrations) from a trustworthy source; which is one of the real keys to success when it comes to achieving the most from exercise. You may find it useful to read my reviews of the two penis enlargement exercise guides that I believe are at the cutting edge of this subject.

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