Penis Stretching Exercises

Apart from promoting the expansion of the erectile tissue through exercises such as the Jelq, another important part of a natural penis enlargement routine is to use exercises that gradually stretch and lengthen the suspensory ligament within the penis. This ligament runs through the entire length of the penis shaft, connects the penis to the pubic bone and also secures part of the shaft within the body.

Why Stretch The Ligament?

The length of the suspensory ligament has a direct bearing on erect penis length, as the erectile tissue within the penile shaft can only expand lengthways as far as the ligament will stretch. In order to prevent the erectile tissue from being restricted as it develops and grows, it is important to permanently lengthen this ligament, so that the erectile tissue is able to expand lengthways to its full capacity. Without doing so, the enlarged erectile tissue is forced to expand only in width, and this results mainly in an increase in penis girth.

Stretching the suspensory ligament also encourages the part of the penis shaft usually hidden within the body to gradually move forward – exposing more of the shaft outside the body. This is how length gains are made through penis enlargement surgery. However, surgery actually involves cutting the ligament. By gradually stretching the ligament, you get all the benefits of the surgical procedure without any of the potential drawbacks and risks.

How to Perform Penis Stretching Exercises

Penis stretching exercises at their most basic are very simple to perform, and involve gripping around the head of the penis (usually while flaccid) and applying a pulling technique. The idea is to stretch the penis to its maximum comfortable limit, to the point where you feel a strong, positive stretch at the base of the shaft and in the suspensory ligament. You should never stretch to the point of pain, or past your comfortable limits.

An example of a basic penis stretching exercise is to pull directly forward – to the point where you feel a positive stretch at the base and down the center of the shaft, and then maintain the stretch for 15-30 seconds before relaxing. You then repeat the process 3 times to complete the set.

This is just a basic technique, but it should give you a good idea of how penis stretching exercises work and how they are performed. A good penis enlargement routine is slightly more involved, and includes a variety of exercises that focus on stretching all areas of the suspensory ligament, as well as the secondary ligaments within the penis. It’s only by applying a range of stretching exercises in the right sequence and for the correct length of time that you can fully develop all these ligaments.

Done correctly, stretching exercises lengthen your penis very effectively. In fact, medical studies into the effectiveness of penis traction devices have proven that penile ligaments are extremely pliable and respond well to this type of continued stretching.

Clinical studies involving penis extender (stretching) devices have reported average penis length gains of around 29 percent in subjects over a six month period – without any other form of stimulus. Of course, penis extender devices apply very consistent and precise levels of tension for a number of hours a day, which may be slightly more effective but the principle is the same. Done correctly, the penis will also respond to a well structured manual stretching routine.

What’s more, when you combine stretching exercises with techniques such as the Jelq, which are designed to expand the main tissue mass of the penis (the erectile tissue), you are developing and enlarging every cell and fibre within the penis that has an effect on penis size. It’s for this reason that men often combine the use of a penis traction device with Jelqing exercises for maximum effectiveness.

If you decide to rely on manual stretching exercises, you must however ensure that you apply them correctly as part of an overall exercise routine. The stretching exercise detailed above is very basic and is intended just as an illustration. Achieving maximum length gains requires a variety of stretching techniques.

Those interested in learning more about manual exercise techniques should first take a look at my free penile exercise guide; which details several other key exercises and includes a beginner workout to get you started. Once you’ve mastered the techniques in my free guide, it would well be worth consulting a specialist guide. Having access to a library of well-researched techniques all in one place, as well as properly devised workout routines from beginner to advanced, can save you countless months of trial and error; and is certainly worth the small investment should you wish to take penile exercise further.

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