How to Perform the Basic Jelq…

There are several variations of the Jelqing exercise. Below, you’ll learn how to correctly perform the standard ‘beginner’ version. Although just the basic exercise, this version of the Jelq is still very powerful; and is both a great way of getting your penis accustomed to the physical stresses of Jelqing and helps you to correctly master the basic technique.

Once you’ve grasped this basic Jelqing exercise, you can gradually move on to the even more intense and powerful ‘advanced’ variations that can help you make extra fast gains.

The best time to perform the Jelq is straight after your stretching exercises. This ensures that the penile tissues are already fully supple and will be able to safely cope with the intense demands of the exercise.

Some men however, prefer to launch straight into a Jelqing session before performing stretching exercises. Those who do so however, must give extra attention to their pre-workout warm up to ensure the penis is fully prepared.

In my experience though, it is not advisable (particularly for a beginner), to do so. Due to the intense nature of the exercise, Jelqing straight after a warm up will still put unnecessary strain on the unprepared internal penile tissues, which can both limit the effectiveness of the exercise and can potentially cause injury.

The reason I mention this is to ensure you perform your penis enlargement workouts correctly and safely. After the initial learning curve you may decide to change things around a bit, but the knowledge to do this only comes from experience and practice.

The Technique…

The Jelq relies on using blood trapped in your penis to work effectively. Therefore, in order to perform the exercise correctly you must first massage yourself to a partial erection. A ‘partial’ erection for Jelqing purposes is defined as 70 – 80 percent of your full erection capacity. Obviously, it’s hard to exactly determine when you’re 70 – 80 erect, so you have to use your own judgement to some degree. But basically, you want your penis to be semi-erect, but not rock hard.

Performing the Jelq with a full erection can cause problems as the exercise exerts a tremendous amount of pressure on the internal structures of your penis. With a full, rock hard erection this additional pressure can potentially cause too much stress to be placed on the tissues and may result in injury.

However, on the flip side, if you’re not sufficiently erect, you won’t have enough blood in your penis to effectively stimulate growth. In practice though, it’s pretty easy to gauge when you’re at the right sort of level – you don’t need to be worried about being precisely 70 – 80 percent erect. But when you start, just air on the side of caution – it’s better to be less rather than more erect until you learn exactly how your penis tolerates the exercise.

Once you’ve achieved a partial erection, you then need to cover your penis in some sort of lubricant. I personally think baby oil works best as it doesn’t dry quickly (unlike K-Y Jelly) and lets you complete the exercise without having to reapply every couple of minutes. Whatever you use though, make sure it doesn’t cause irritation. I know of people who’ve tried to Jelq in the shower using soap or shower gel – a bad idea – not surprisingly prolonged Jelqing with any type of soap based product is likely to cause your penile skin to flare up like the Good Year blimp.

Having lubricated your penis it’s time to begin the Jelq exercise.

Encircle your penis at the base (i.e. the point where the penile shaft meets your body) with your finger and thumb – just as if you were making the OK sign. The idea is that your finger and thumb should grasp firmly all the way around the base of your penile shaft in order to trap the blood securely within your penis.

Now, maintaining this tight hold around the base of your penis, slowly slide your hand in a type of ‘milking motion’ all the way along the penile shaft. As you do this, you’ll notice that the blood trapped in your penis is forced forward towards the penile head, which causes the part of the penile shaft in front of your fingers and the head of your penis to swell as you’re performing the motion.

Basically, what you’re trying to do is to force as much blood forward, so that it causes the erectile tissue to expand beyond its normal limits, which in turn places additional stress on the overlying sheath of tissue (the Tunica albuginea).

This milking motion should be performed quite slowly. You should try to take around two to three seconds to slide your fingers completely up your penis from base to tip – stopping just behind the head of your penis.

Just before your hand reaches the end of your penile shaft, grasp the base of your penis with your other hand using the same method. As you let go with your first hand, your second hand performs the same ‘milking motion’ as you’ve just completed – sliding all the way to the way to end of the penile shaft. To complete the exercise, you continue this action, using alternate hands to start the motion as the other hand finishes for either a pre-set length of time or for a specific number of reps.

Tips on Performing the Jelq

You can use either an overhand or underhand grip on your penis to perform the exercise – depending on whichever feels most comfortable to you. Whichever technique you use, just make sure that your fingers fully encircle your penis and ensure you maintain a tight enough grip to fully trap and force the blood forward as you’re performing the exercise. Furthermore, you can perform the Jelqing exercise either whilst standing or by sitting at the edge of a chair – I personally find it easier to perform the exercise whilst standing.

At the end of your Jelqing session you should notice that once your erection has subsided, your flaccid penis looks much thicker, hangs down much lower than usual and the veins on your penile shaft are extremely prominent. This is the equivalent of the ‘pump’ weight trainers experience after performing a set, during which time their muscles look larger and better defined than usual. This is a very good indicator that you’ve had a successful workout. Although your penis will lose this look and return to its original size within an hour or so, this indicates that the stimulus for growth has been achieved. With consistent use of this exercise over a number of months, the accumulative effects will translate into a significantly thicker penis.

Lastly, I should mention that men new to this exercise sometimes notice small red marks on the head of their penis after performing this exercise for the first few times. These red spots simply occur because the penis is unused to the volume of blood you’ve forced into it during your exercise session and are caused by tiny capillaries bursting just under the skin. They are nothing to worry about and soon disappear as your penis becomes more accustomed to the exercise.

The Complete Guide to Effective JelqingFor further tips on performing the Jelq, including suggested workout loads, how and when to increase intensity, an advanced version of the exercise designed to stimulate maximum growth, as well as links to top quality video demonstrations, you might find it helpful to check out my downloadable premium Jelqing guide.

The Basic Jelq Exercise in a Nutshell

  1. Ensure you have properly warmed up before continuing.
  2. Apply lubricant – preferably water based, such as baby oil.
  3. Massage yourself to a partial erection: 70 – 80 percent of your full erection. Your penis should be semi-erect but still flexible – not rock hard.
  4. Firmly encircle the base of your penis with your thumb and forefinger so that the blood is trapped within your penis.
  5. Maintaining a tight grip around the penis, slide your hand up your penis towards the penile head. You should feel the blood being forced towards the tip of your penis.
  6. Just before you reach the penis head, grasp your penis at the base with your other hand using the same technique as above.
  7. Release your first hand and repeat the same ‘milking action’ with your second hand.
  8. You should take 2 – 3 seconds to slide each hand from the base to the head of your penis: this is 1 completed repetition.
  9. Continue the above without stopping until you have completed the desired number of repetitions.

What’s Next…

On this page, you’ve just learned one of the core exercises of natural penis enlargement. Practicing and perfecting this technique will provide you with a strong foundation on which you will later be able to build. Once you’ve mastered this technique and feel comfortable performing it, you will be able to move on to the more advanced Jelq variations that will really super charge your gains. However, for the next few weeks, this exercise is a great way of getting your penis accustomed to the new demands of exercise you are placing on it.

Learn the fourth exerciseThe Horizontal Movement.

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